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Blue Lagoon Beach Bali Exotic Beach for Healing

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Blue Lagoon Beach Bali is a beach located in Karangasem.

Blue Lagoon Beach Bali has beautiful white sand. The underwater charm is so stunning that tourists always visit it. You can also explore the beaches on this beautiful island.

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Anyone will definitely admit that Bali is indeed a special island. The charm of tourism is so amazing. In fact, it is very famous on the international stage. The name Bali is also more popular than the name Indonesia, the country where Bali exists.

One of the stunning destinations is Blue Lagoon Beach. Many visitors come to this location to just vacation with family, friends or loved ones.

The panoramic beauty of Bali's Blue Lagoon Beach is beyond doubt. Because it is so famous, many domestic tourists and foreign tourists travel here.

To go to this destination, you have to book early Fast boat crossing to Nusa Lembongan from sanur. Then Nusa Lembongan motorbike rental to cross the yellow bridge or better known as the yellow bridge.


Blue Lagoon Beach Attractions in Bali

The calming atmosphere is perfect for unwinding from busy daily work. If you are planning a holiday with your family, Blue Lagoon Beach could be on your holiday destination list. What is there on this beach? Let's get to know more about Blue Lagoon Beach.

Of course, the wide expanse of white sand combined with the blue sea water makes for a very beautiful view. Our eyes can freely see to the farthest point. Of course, this can reduce stress due to busy daily routines.

Blue Lagoon Beach Bali also has a beautiful and cool atmosphere. This is also one of the attractions that make many people come here. Many want to find a calm atmosphere so they can comfortably relax.

If you are looking for a quiet and comfortable place, this beach is the answer. Because, this beach really still maintains its beauty. You could say it is a hidden beach in Bali.

Another unique thing about this tour is that you can find sacred buildings Sileyukti Temple. This temple is still used by the surrounding Hindu community for prayer.

Location and Route to the Beach

Blue Lagoon Beach Bali is located in Padangbai, Mangosteen, Karangasem, Bali. The location is very close to Padangbai Beach. The distance is only about 800 meters.

Coming to Blue Lagoon Beach is very easy. First, from Denpasar City to Karangasem, the journey takes around 1,5 hours. Next, head to Harbor Padang Bay. From the harbor to arriving at the Blue Lagoon it takes around 10-20 minutes.

If you have arrived at the parking lot, you have to pass the stairs that go down for about 5 minutes. Even though you are tired, all of that will pay off when you see the charm of Blue Lagoon Beach Bali.

Interesting Activities at Tourist Locations

There are fun things you can do while on vacation at Blue Lagoon Beach, namely:

1. Sunbathing

Sunbathing on the white sand beach is what foreign tourists like most. Being on the beach will be very comfortable because of the gentle breeze.

2. Diving

Diving and snorkeling activities are also sought after by tourists. The richness of the underwater world is able to hypnotize anyone who sees it. The clear water allows you to see various animals in the sea.

3. Take pictures

Don't miss out on capturing photos at the location of the Blue Lagoon Beach Bali tourist spot. Beautiful scenery can be your background, you know. Besides taking pictures on the beach, there is nothing wrong with taking pictures near the temple. But keep your manners.

4. Swim

Tourists are allowed to swim on the beach. The water is very clear. The visitors will be very happy playing in the water around the beach.

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5. Fishing

There are other activities that can be done at Blue Lagoon Beach Bali, namely fishing. Visitors who catch fish will usually immediately process their catch on the beach. Wow, it sure feels really delicious eating grilled fish on the beach.

Blue Lagoon Beach Bali is indeed an interesting tourist spot. Many fun activities can be done here. Come on, schedule a trip to Blue Lagoon Beach.


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