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Blue Ocean Beach Tour

Blue Ocean Beach Tour

Blue Ocean Beach Tourism is one of the epic beaches in Indonesia Bali Island.

The uniqueness of Blue Ocean Beach is in the hidden beach location because it is covered by high coral cliffs.

Every visitor who wants to set foot on Blue Ocean Beach must go down the stairs.

In addition to passing through the stairs, visitors also pass through a natural rock gate that towers and looks like a cave.


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The Island of the Gods is a paradise for those who really like the beach because there are so many beach tours available on this island.

For example, Badung Regency. This district has a lot of interesting beach tourism to visit, for example Labuan Sait Beach which has been used as a location for filming films and making video clips.

There is also Kuta Beach and Jimbaran Beach with beautiful sunsets. In addition, one of the beaches that is suitable as a destination for a vacation to unwind is Blue Ocean Beach.

Here we provide some information about this Blue Ocean Beach tour so you have an idea before you come on vacation here.

Blue Ocean Beach Tourist Locations

Blue Ocean Beach Tour is located in Uluwatu in Pecatu Village, southern Bali area. The location of this beach is close to other beach attractions, such as Balangan, Dreamland, and Padang-Padang.

Suluban Souvenir Shop
Souvenir Shop

To make it easier for you to get to this beach, you can use the services of car rental in Bali. For those of you who prefer to ride a motorbike, you can too rent a motorbike to go to this Blue Ocean Beach.

Beach Attractions

If you come to this beach, what you will meet there are mostly foreign tourists. They are interested in coming to this beach because the waves of Blue Ocean Beach are very suitable for surfing. The sea water on this beach is very clear which will make visitors feel tempted to play in the water there.

Suluban Blue Ocean Beach

For visitors who prefer serenity, you can also get it at Blue Ocean Beach. It is enough to walk a little towards the rocky passage that passes through a kind of short cave.

There are several small spots that are quite calm, quiet and of course the natural scenery is no less charming.

If walking in sea water, visitors must be careful because the waves often come and crash against the stone walls causing huge water exposure. You could get hit by the splashing water and get soaked by it.

Access to the Beach

Blue Ocean Beach View

If you want to get to this beach, visitors have to go down a lot of stairs. In addition, visitors also pass many cafes, artshops and restaurants with charming beach views.

When viewed from above, this beach is very beautiful. There is a cliff that is used as a cafe so that it makes the scenery even more amazing.

Not only that, the cliff which is also a cafe is adjacent to the beach basin where the sea water is very clear and has different colors like stripes.

You will feel at home for a long time enjoying the view of the beach from here. When arriving at the beach, visitors still have to go down a few more stairs which are located between the stone walls.

Blue Ocean Beach Name History

The history of this beach name is very simple. Besides being called the Blue Ocean, this beach has other names, namely Blue Point and Suluban.

The name Blue Point is more famous because in the beach area there is a Villa with the name Blue Point. Unlike the name Suluban. Suluban comes from the Balinese word "mensulub". The word mensulub means to pass under something, to pass under.

The name Suluban is in accordance with the character of the beach because arriving at the sea line, visitors must pass through under stone wall.

Choice of Beach Facilities

Beach sign

If you do a low budget tour, then you can choose to enjoy the beach without an entrance fee. Worried about feeling hungry at the beach? No need to worry. You can buy food at cheap cafes along the area leading to the beach.

However, if you want more adequate facilities, you can choose Blue Point Bay Villa which is located above before going down the stairs to the beach.

If visiting this beach, visitors must be careful because there are many rocks and hard corals. Visitors who bring children must be extra careful.

In addition, the waves of this beach are also quite large so you really have to pay attention to your children when playing this beach water.

If you want a beach tour that is safe enough for children, you can visit Pandawa Beach or Jimbaran Beach. Of course, these two beaches are no less interesting than this Blue Ocean Beach.

That's a little review about Blue Ocean Beach which is very pleasing to the eye.

Hopefully useful – Happy traveling.


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