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Hamlet Blahkiuh Campground

Hamlet Blahkiuh Campground

Not only for fun, Bali also has a tourist attraction that can also be used for camping, namely the Dukuh Blahkiuh Campground.

The charm of the beauty of this campground is interesting to visit so you will not be disappointed if you choose Dukuh Campground as your vacation spot.

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History of Hamlet Campground

Dukuh Campground, Blahkiuh used to be a family place Mengwi Kingdom rest. Not only resting places, in this place also available facilities such as pools and public baths for the community.

The location of the royal family's resting place is quite quiet because it is located quite far from the center of the crowd. Currently, the Dukuh Campground tourism object continues to be managed and improved by the Badung Regency Government.

Location of Dukuh Campground

The location of the Dukuh Campground is not difficult to find. Dukuh Campground is located in Blahkiuh Village, Abiansemal District. If you are in Denpasar City, the distance is about 19 km and to the west from the Denpasar - Evening highway in front of the Blahkiuh Police office about 2 km.

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Available Facilities

This campground you usually use for activities related to education. For example, scouting activities, Youth Red Cross, or others.

But not only that, Dukuh Campground, Blahkiuh is also often used as a gathering place to celebrate the anniversary of companies, government agencies, organizations, and others.

Dukuh Campground has several facilities and services that will make activities at the site more secure. This campground has a parking area so that those who bring private vehicles don't have to worry about parking spaces.

There is a field to support outdoor activities carried out during the activity. For bathing and resting needs, Dukuh Campground already has them. Not only that, this campground also has restaurants, lodging, and many others.

Transportation to the Campsite

If you go to Dukuh Campground, Blahkiuh by public transportation, you can take a bus or other transportation with the aim of stopping at the Abiansemal city bus terminal. If you have arrived at the terminal, you can continue with a motorcycle taxi to Blahkiuh Village until you arrive at the Hamlet Campground.

However, if you bring your own vehicle, it might be easier if you invite a friend or guide to go to Hamlet Campground, Blahkiuh.

But if not, you can take advantage of the directions application found on the smartphone, such as the Google Maps application. Follow the directions on the app and you will arrive at your destination safely.

Before starting your trip to Dukuh Campground, you should check the weather first so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Don't forget to prepare a camera to capture interesting objects and your togetherness with your family while on vacation. Not only that, medical equipment should not be forgotten to bring.

The local residents around the Dukuh Campground are very friendly so it is suitable for a place to travel to find peace. The natural beauty that is still awake will make a calm atmosphere even more achieved because it is protected from pollution the air you normally get when you do your daily activities.

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That's a little review about the Dukuh Blahkiuh Campground that you might use as a reference for your next vacation plan. Hopefully useful and happy holidays.

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