After the increase in Komodo National Park Tickets to IDR3,75 million, tourism actors strike

After the increase in Komodo National Park Tickets

We deliver news this morning about the aftermath of the Rp3,75 million Komodo National Park Ticket Increase, Tourism Actors Strike Lockdown!

At the end of July and the beginning of the week in August 2022, the Indonesian tourism world, especially the Labuhan Bajo area, is in the spotlight.

Quoted by Gotravel Indonesia from (2/8/2022), Association of Tourism Actors and Individual Tourism Actors Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, NTT refused to increase the new tariff to Komodo National Park to Rp 3,75 million. In the aftermath of the increase, tourism actors went on strike to serve tourists.

Komodo National Park Ticket Increase

As has been widely reported in recent times, the government has officially announced a new tariff to enter Komodo National Park to Rp 3,75 million as of August 1, 2022.

These rates apply to enter Komodo Island and Padar Island per person for one year.

The government reasoned that this increase was aimed at limiting the number of visitors. Before the increase, the entrance ticket to the two islands was only Rp. 200 thousand per year.

Meanwhile, entrance tickets to Rinca Island can still be found at low prices as usual.

In response to this increase, tourism actors in Labuhan Bajo agreed to stop tourism services from 1 to 31 August.

"We agree to stop all types of tourism services in the National Park Islands and in all tourist destinations in West Manggarai starting 1-31 August 2022,"said the Coordinator of Tourism Actors and Individual Tourism Actors of West Manggarai Regency, Rafael Taher, Saturday (30/7) as reported by

Monopoly PT. Flobamor

Representing all tourism actors in West Manggarai, Rafael assessed that PT. Flobamor Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) owned by the government of NTT will monopolize the tourism sector in West Manggarai.

This is considered to cause poverty for all tourism actors and the community in Labuhan Bajo.

In response to this, there is a joint commitment to stop all tourism service activities in West Manggarai Regency from tourism actors and this is done without any coercion from any party.

Komodo island

Tourist Actors MoU

The strike to serve tourists was also signed in the MoU in which it was stated that tourism actors would receive consequences if anyone violated the MoU.

The tourism actors in question include tourist boat owners, owners of land transportation service providers, restaurant owners, hotel owners, photographers, guides, culinary business actors. There are also sanctions if they violate the MoU, then the facilities are willing to be burned.

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Fixed Price

Meanwhile, the Head of the East Nusa Tenggara Provincial Tourism Office, Sony Zeth Libing, emphasized that the East Nusa Tenggara provincial government would still impose an entrance ticket to Padar and Komodo Islands of Rp 3,75 million despite waves of rejection.

However, he also appreciates the aspirations of the people who reject this.

“The East Nusa Tenggara Provincial Government really appreciates the aspirations of the people who refuse to increase the entrance fee of Rp. 3,75 million to Komodo Island and Padar Island.

We are reviewing all these aspirations, but of course the imposition of new tariffs for Komodo will still be carried out on August 1 because it has gone through a thorough study, "he said. (y)

Source: After Rp3,75 million Komodo National Park Ticket Increase, Tourism Actors Strike

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