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Liang Ambon Beach

Liang Beach

Liang Ambon Beach is one of the most stunning tourist destinations in Maluku.

As the capital of the Maluku province, Ambon, which is also the largest city in the area, holds many interesting destinations to visit.

burrow Ambon beach, Maluku
Photo by @pantai_liang

Liang Ambon Beach which is one of the East Indonesia tourist attraction famous for being so exotic. Even this beach has won the title of the most beautiful beach and beat the beauty of Bunaken. Curious what kind of beauty is kept by Liang Beach?

Liang Beach Tourism Charm

The beach, whose real name is Hunimua, does save a lot of beauty, making it once called the most beautiful beach in Indonesia by UNDP UN. With a coastline of 1 kilometer that stretches out in Liang Village, Hunimua Beach still looks so natural and beautiful.

As far as the eye can see, you will see how clean the beach is so well maintained without any garbage or other waste. Interestingly, Liang Beach is still quite empty of visitors, even though the tourist charm is so abundant.

This condition can be the main attraction, because you will feel like vacationing on a private island. So for those of you who are looking for a destination for recreation to calm down and unwind from daily activities, then Liang Ambon Beach is the right answer.

The calm atmosphere and away from the hustle and bustle of the city will make you feel relaxed. Especially with the stunning natural panorama presented in front of your eyes, from clean white beaches to clear sea water.

Interesting Activities

1. Snorkeling and Diving

There are lots of interesting activities that you can do at Liang Beach. But don't miss out on trying snorkeling and diving in this destination. The reason why this beach managed to win the first position as the most beautiful beach is because of its underwater natural charm.

You could even say that this beach is one of the most amazing diving spots in Ambon. Not a few marine life that you will encounter during diving, which of course has a beautiful and colorful appearance. In addition to marine life, you will also find underwater caves about 15 meters deep in the waters around the coast.

2. Ride the Banana Boat

Liang Ambon Beach does not only offer beach activities in the form of snorkeling and diving. However, there are also various other beach sports activities that you can try, such as banana boating. There are already available banana boat rentals at affordable prices that you can use to get around the ocean around the beach.

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3. Great Photo Hunting

As a society that lives in the modern era, of course it's not easy to visit a tourist area without hunting for beautiful photos to upload to social media. If you visit Liang Beach, there are lots of instagramable photo spots that you can find. However, one of the favorite photo spots for tourists is dock wood with a length of about 200 meters that juts into the ocean.

4. Cliff Jumps

If you are someone who likes challenging activities and is bored with the usual swimming style, it never hurts to try this cliff jump at Liang Ambon Beach. Usually the cliff jump will be done on a wooden pier which is also often used as a photo spot by tourists. But always make sure you are careful when trying the cliff jump here.

Currently, Liang Beach is one of the mainstay tourist destinations in Ambon. So the facilities provided on the beach are quite good. Where various facilities are available that are able to support all the needs of visitors while at the location. This of course makes Liang Beach worthy of being your next vacation destination.

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