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List of 8 Most Famous Indonesian Traditional Clothing

Indonesian traditional clothing

The following is a list of Indonesian traditional clothing that has gone global, with a variety of cultural history in it, from Sabang to Merauke.

Indonesian Traditional Clothing – Talking about Indonesia's wealth is never ending. Indeed, the world is already aware of the wealth of this country.

UNESCO recognizes around ten Indonesian cultures as world cultural heritage, and Indonesia has ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This shows the extraordinary cultural diversity of the archipelago.

From Sabang to Merauke, we can experience stunning variations and characteristics. Each province in Indonesia has its own uniqueness and characteristics, including language, culinary delights and traditional clothing.

In fact, some of them are increasingly popular, such as traditional Indonesian clothing. Are you curious about what traditional Indonesian clothing is like? Check out our review of various popular Indonesian traditional clothing!

Indonesian Traditional Clothing

1. Aesan Paksangko from South Sumatra

In South Sumatra, you can find Aesan Paksangko traditional clothing, which is one of the most famous Indonesian traditional clothing. This traditional clothing design symbolizes the glory and majesty of the Palembang Sultanate and is historically popular among the nobility.

This traditional clothing is now more often associated with bridal clothing worn during traditional weddings in Palembang and the surrounding area.

This world-famous Indonesian traditional clothing has a bright reddish color with gold elements and accessories, giving it a very attractive and luxurious appearance, especially the unique complementary crown.

Aesan Paksangko also uses “songket cloth”, a cloth native to South Sumatra which is no less popular with his subordinates. This traditional clothing is often used by Tourism ambassadors to promote Indonesian culture.

This was proven by the appearance of the South Sumatra Culture and Tourism Service at the International Tourism-Borse Berlin (ITB) exhibition in Masse, Germany in 2017, which further increased its popularity internationally.

2. Ulos from North Sumatra

Batik cloth can be found on the island of Java, Songket cloth in South Sumatra, and Ulos cloth, a traditional cloth of the Batak Community. Ulos cloth made through traditional weaving is often dark in color with the addition of silver or gold thread as a complementary decoration to add to its appeal.

Ulos traditional clothing from North Sumatra
Ulos Traditional Clothing from North Sumatra (Source: V&Co Jewellery)

Ulos is ingrained in Batak culture and is still widely available today. Ulos are used for various Batak community activities and ceremonies, including traditional Batak weddings.

In fact, the practice of passing down ulos cloth from generation to generation is still common in Batak society. Ulos cloth is a popular souvenir among visitors to South Sumatra and is often used as accessories and souvenirs to promote Batak culture.

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3. Kebaya and Batik from Java

Kebaya is the most popular traditional Indonesian clothing. People on the island of Java usually wear traditional Indonesian clothing for various activities.

The kebaya, which was previously worn in everyday life, is now the main clothing for various ceremonial and official events, including weddings, graduations and state events.

Usually kebaya is worn with batik material at the bottom. Batik is one of Indonesia's cultural heritages recognized by UNESCO. Batik is a famous Indonesian tradition and is even used by many world figures, including Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa.

Even though it is widely known as traditional Indonesian clothing, Kebaya can also be found in various other countries in mainland Southeast Asia, where it is thought to have been imported by migrants from Java.

This traditional Indonesian clothing has never disappeared over time, and now continues to be developed and updated until it has become one of the most glamorous and popular clothing.

Anne Avantie is a well-known Indonesian fashion designer who continues to introduce contemporary kebaya to the international arena.

4. Payas Agung from Bali

Bali, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, is known not only for its stunning beaches and natural scenery, but for its rich traditions and culture.

Payas Agung traditional clothing from Bali
Payas Agung Traditional Clothing from Bali (Source: Weddingmarket)

This clothing promotes Balinese culture, the Island of the Gods, throughout the world. Payas Agung is Indonesian traditional clothing originating from Bali. Payas Agung clothing is classic Balinese wedding clothing.

This traditional Indonesian clothing which has gone global has a beautiful overall appearance but is rich in cultural characteristics. This clothing has beautiful pattern details and is equipped with various accessories, including a towering gold crown.

Unexpectedly, Indonesian traditional clothing often attracts the attention of foreign tourists who visit the island of Bali. Payas Agung is a popular choice for Balinese celebrations and ceremonies, in addition to weddings.

5. North Kalimantan traditional clothing

North Kalimantan, which is ranked as the youngest province, is still mostly inhabited by the Dayak tribe. Its location, which is still close to East Kalimantan, is very influenced by local culture.

There are many similarities between Traditional Dressing styles. Traditional clothing has the same name. Even though the names are similar, there are significant differences between the two Provinces.

6. Biliu Traditional Clothing from Gorontalo

It has received attention several times on the national and international stage, such as when the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno presented this traditional Indonesian clothing to the President of the World Tourism Forum Institute or WTFI, Mr. Bulut Bagci at the event.

Biliu traditional clothing from Gorontalo
Biliu Traditional Clothing from Gorontalo (Source: Idewedding)

Known as "Biliu", this world famous Indonesian traditional clothing is a large traditional clothing worn by the people of Gorontalo during traditional rituals.

The Ministry of Education and Culture declared "Biliu" as an Indonesian Intangible Cultural Heritage originating from Gorontalo in 2012, and is still protected today.

7. West Papuan traditional clothing

Unfortunately, as a province located at the easternmost tip of Indonesia, their traditional Indonesian clothing is quite unique. Simple is more appropriate because the ingredients are natural and processing is easy. Traditional clothing differentiates married women from unmarried women.

This traditional Indonesian clothing is known as Ewer, made from dry straw. As time progressed, the clothes were inspired by Modernism and were topped with fabric. Meanwhile, women's skirts are made from plant fibers and are tied with a top strap.

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8. Malay Traditional Clothing Cekak Musang

Riau Malay traditional clothing worn by men. Comparable to the Belanga Bay fashi model. Its distinctive feature is the shirt model which has buttons extending approximately 5 cm from the neck and a high collar.

In terms of material, it is made of soft material, usually pastel colored, and worn with trousers and a head covering.

With these very original characteristics, it is not surprising that the beauty of Indonesian traditional clothing is appreciated by people all over the world, right? Indonesian culture is indeed rich and beautiful, something to be proud of.

However, as Indonesians, we must continue to maintain the variety of Indonesian traditional clothing that is spread throughout the world, as well as several other indigenous Indonesian cultures, so that they remain immortal and become increasingly known to the wider community.

One way to help preserve Indonesian culture is to continue to encourage Indonesian tourism. The easiest way is to travel or go around Indonesia.

How do you understand some of the most popular Indonesian traditional clothing? I hope this is useful, Travela!


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