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Tanjung Crying Attractions

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The Tanjung Crying tourist attraction is one of the favorite destinations for you nature lovers. This place is so romantic, away from the crowds so it's perfect for a honeymoon. Let's talk about Tanjung Crying Sumbawa below.

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Lombok is famous for its beautiful natural charm. But it turns out, Sumbawa is no less beautiful. Sumbawa Regency also has very beautiful tourism potential. One of them is Tanjung Crying.

If you hear his name, it seems like it's heartbreaking. But it turns out that this name is taken from a heartbreaking legend. In addition to the sad legend, the natural scenery owned by Tanjung Crying is so enchanting.

The following is a review of the Tanjung Crying tourist attraction. Let's see to the end.

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Tanjung Crying Tourism Legend

According to legend, at night often heard the sound of people crying. The community believed that the sound of the crying was from Putri Datu Samawa. He had died in the middle of the sea. It is said that the cause of his death was due to the actions of his father who had broken his promise.

Long ago, the princess suffered from a disease called Lalaintan Masbulaeng. This disease is very difficult to treat. Even the most powerful healer could not treat the princess's illness.

Because of this, the King held a contest. Whoever can cure the daughter's disease, it will be married to her.

Until in the end, there was a young man who could heal the princess. But unfortunately, the King broke his promise. After the princess recovered, this young man was expelled by the King.

The daughter who fell in love with the young man then chased him. Until the ship sailed away from the cape.

Since then, the princess kept crying because she was looking for the young man she loved. Until finally, local residents named this location as Tanjung Crying.

Tourist attraction

1. Calm Blue Ocean

Being in Tanjung Crying will get a very calming sensation. The blue expanse of the sea is so beautiful. When exposed to sunlight it looks so beautiful.

The sea water is so clear. So that visitors can see the seabed.

You can take a canoe to get around this cape. There are fishermen who rent canoes for tourists to use.

2. Underwater Beauty

One of the attractions that is owned by Tanjung Crying is the charm of the beautiful underwater life. There are beautiful coral reefs and colorful ornamental fish.

The location of Tanjung Crying is very suitable to be used as a place for diving or snorkeling. The calm water makes tourists can enjoy a vacation in peace.
Romantic Location

You can come here by inviting your loved one. The reason, this location is so romantic. In fact, many newly married couples come here for their honeymoon.

This beach is very supportive as a honeymoon destination. The calm blue beaches and exotic coral rocks make this location highly recommended.

3. Beautiful Cliff Rocks

On the side of the headland you can see towering cliffs. This cliff is known as Tanjung Crying. So charming. This cliff looks gray and brown.

If the rainy season comes here, you will see cliffs overgrown with grass. This cliff looks green so it is very beautiful.

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Location of Tanjung Crying

Tanjung Menangis is in Penyaring Village, District Moyo North, Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara.

This beach is still relatively quiet because the road to the beach location is quite difficult. Actually, this beach is close to Moyo Island. So if you go to this beach, you can all come to Moyo Island.

The facilities that you can find at the Tanjung Menangis tourist attraction are parking areas, prayer rooms, toilets, boat rentals and food or drink stalls.

That's information about Tanjung Crying in Sumbawa. Hopefully it's useful, Travela friend.

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