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Cheap Car Rental in Jogja

Car Rental in Yogyakarta

Cheap car rental in Jogja is one of our best offers in transportation rental services in Indonesia.

Starting from cheap Jogja car rentals with drivers, to offers of keyless Jogja car rental prices.

Providing the best units ranging from MPV Cars, Toyota Hiace Commuters, Isuzu Elf Jogja Rentals to Tourism Bus Rentals in Jogja.

Mode of transports tour group size or your company gathering while in Yogyakarta will be comfortable with us.

Our Jogja Office:
Jalan Macanan DN3/406 RT 22/06 Kelurahan Bausasran Kec. Danurejan 55211 Special Region of Yogyakarta


In offer Rent a car in Jogja Go Travela, we 'crane'(excuse me for a ride) offers Jogja's best car rental packages.

Come on, invite your travel buddies to understand Yogyakarta's point of rent car first

Cheap Jogja Car Rental

Car rental in Jogja is the best choice when you choose Jogjakarta as your family's tourist destination in 2022.

Jogjakarta is a city that has a special predicate. This city is known as the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

This is inseparable from the privilege of Yogyakarta itself which is a student city, culinary city, city of a million tours and city of culture.

That is why many local tourists or foreign tourists are happy to have a vacation to Jogjakarta. In addition to the hospitality of the people of Jogjakarta which is second to none.

The beauty of the charm of the city of Yogyakarta with cheap car rental in Jogja with a Go Travela driver.


The word "Yogyakarta" has a deep philosophical meaning of history. At first the Indonesian language in the past did not recognize the letter "Y" so the correct writing at that time was "Jogjakarta".

In fact, Javanese people usually call it by spelling: Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat (“The sublime, calm & peaceful earth”). But at this time we or tourists know him better by the short name "Jogja".

Go Travela is an Indonesian Car Rental Service or Rental Transportation Indonesia, on this page we present our flagship product Cheap Jogja Car Rental.

We are ready to help your holiday needs when looking for cheap car rental transportation modes in the city of Yogyakarta. The rates we provide are quite affordable and offer many other Jogja tour promo packages.

If you want to vacation in Yogyakarta and need cheap car rental services, we are ready to serve you wholeheartedly.

Grace Rumondor

Rental Destinations

The types of car units that we rent are also very varied. This will make it easier for you as a tenant when choosing the best vehicle according to your taste or the vehicle you usually use in everyday life.

This is your tourist spot destination when renting a cheap car in Jogja.

Hit's Spot 1

IDR. 415.000/Car/Day

  • Borobudur temple
  • Lost World Castle
  • Prambanan temple

Spot Hits 2

IDR. 445.000/Car/Day

  • Mangunan Pine Forest
  • Pindul Cave
  • Gunung Kidul Beach Area

Hit's Spot 3

IDR. 445.000/Car/Day

  • Merapi Lava Tour
  • Kalibiru
  • Umbrella Pule
  • Glagah Beach

Spot Hits 4

IDR. 415.000/Car/Day

  • Yogyakarta Palace
  • Sari Garden
  • Sand Dunes
  • Parangtritis Beach

Hit's Spot 5

IDR. 445.000/Car/Day

  • Borobudur temple
  • Chicken Church (Rema Hill)
  • Pule Umbrella/Kalibiru

Spot Hits 6

IDR. 445.000/Car/Day

  • Borobudur temple
  • Kalibiru
  • Merapi LavaTour

Hit's Spot 7

IDR. 445.000/Car/Day

  • Jomlang Cave
  • Timang Beach
  • Pengger Pine

Spot Hits 8

IDR. 445.000/Car/Day

  • Jomlang Cave
  • Pindul Cave
  • Pengger Pine

Hit's Spot 9

IDR. 445.000/Car/Day

  • Umbrella stone
  • Glass Terrace
  • Ngrenehan Beach
  • Ngobaran Beach

Spot Hits 10

IDR. 445.000/Car/Day

  • Imogiri pine
  • Hobbit House
  • Breccia Cliff
  • Ijo Temple

Hit's Spot 11 (Dieng)

IDR. 595.000 per car

  • Kidang's crater
  • Telaga Warna lake
  • Arjuna Temple
  • Wailing Wind

Spot Hits 12

IDR. 595.000 per car

  • Sukuh Temple (porn temple)
  • Cetho Temple (porn temple)
  • Sunset Prambanan Temple/Ijo Temple

Include: Transport with Air conditioner, Pro Driver + Gasoline


  • Additional Rp. 100K/unit if you use it as a pick/drop Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA).
  • High season surcharge additional Rp. 75K/unit – HSS Period : New year 23 Dec – 3 January | Eid Al-Fitr & Vesak


Google search – Cheap Car Rental in Jogja

1 Day Promo Package:
Jogja Rentals
  • Car + Driver (Max 7 Hours/Day)
  • Price: IDR. 190.000 (Normal Price IDR 375.000)
  • Extra Time : 35.000 / Hour
  • Car & driver during max usage 7 Hrs/day
  • Mandatory tipping (directly given to the driver) IDR 50.00
  • Does not include fuel/Gasoline/Petrol
2 Day Promo Package:
Rent car Yogyakarta
  • Car + Driver (Max 7 Hours/Day)
  • Price: IDR. 390.000 (Normal Price IDR 650.000)
  • Extra Time : 35.000 / Hour
  • Car with driver during max usage 2 x 7 Hours/day
  • Mandatory tipping (directly given to the driver) IDR 100.000
  • Does not include fuel/Gasoline/Petro

Free car rental pick-up in Jogja, cheap in the Jogjakarta area

  1. Yogyakarta Municipality
  2. Jalan Jogja-Solo – Adi Sucipto
  3. Malioboro & Tugu Street
  4. Sosrowijayan
  5. Giwangan Terminal
  6. Tugu Station and Lempuyangan Station and for areas outside the area. Please re-confirm again.

Noted: **Time cannot be accumulated – cannot be accumulated


BBM (Gasoline/diesel), parking tickets, entrance tickets to tourist attractions, tolls and other personal needs.
Also does not include the Tipping Driver (Driver tipping is MANDATORY) according to the conditions below.

  • IDR 35.000/hour if more than 7 hours/day
  • MUST TIP (directly given to the driver)
  • IDR 50.000 for 1 Day Promo
  • IDR 100.000 for 2 Day Promo
  • Car rental used by BRIO, AVANSA, APV, XENIA (Based on Availability)
  • Clean Interior & Air Conditioner
  • Promo valid until the date 15 December 2022
  • Minimum reservation 3 days before arrival during high season.
  • Book at least 1 day before arrival during low season.
  • 1 Car maximum 6 people including driver for Avansa & Xenia
  • Promo voucher includes tax & service
  • Reservation to WhatsApp chat +6281999565666 hour = 09Am to 09Pm
  • Email: gotravela.id@gmail.com
  • Jogja car rental is not allowed to bring pets.
  • Not for areas: Klaten, Kulon Progo, Gunung Kidul & Out of Town
  • For certainty, booking a Jogja car rental, you need to transfer a minimum deposit of IDR 100.000 through our BCA bank.
  • For more details, you can read the link How To Order.
  • The remaining payment is made at the time of pick-up.

Jogja Car Rental Infographics

Jogja car rental infographic

Rent Car Jogja Full Day

Type of MPV Car

Toyota Avanza

Cars & Drivers + BBM:
• IDR 300.000 / 4 hours
• IDR 350.000 / 6 hours
• IDR 395.000 / 12 hours

Grand Innova

Cars & Drivers + BBM:
• IDR 450.000 / 4 hours
• IDR 500.000 / 6 hours
• IDR 545.000 / 12 hours

Sigra Daihatsu

Cars & Drivers + BBM:
• IDR 275.000 / 4 hours
• IDR 325.000 / 6 hours
• IDR 395.000 / 12 hours

Xenia Daihatsu

Cars & Drivers + BBM:
• IDR 275.000 / 4 hours
• IDR 325.000 / 6 hours
• IDR 395.000 / 12 hours

Innova Reborn

Cars & Drivers + BBM:
• IDR 550.000 / 4 hours
• IDR 600.000 / 6 hours
• IDR 675.000 / 12 hours

Suzuki APV

Cars & Drivers + BBM:
• IDR 300.000 / 4 hours
• IDR 350.000 / 6 hours
• IDR 395.000 / 12 hours

Cheap Jogja Car Rental Commuter & Big Type, Micro Bus

Jogja Commuter

Drivers + BBM:
• IDR 980.000 / 12 hours
• IDR 1.100.000 / Full Day


Drivers + BBM:
• IDR 700.000 / 12 hours
• IDR 850.000 / Full Day


Drivers + BBM:
• IDR 1.000.000 / 12 hours
• IDR 1.200.000 / Full Day


Drivers + BBM:
• IDR 1.200.000 / 12 hours
• IDR 1.300.000 / Full Day

1. Buses 25 Seats

Buses & Drivers + BBM:
• Rp 1.350.000,-/12 Hours
• Rp 1.450.000,- / Full Day

2. MEDIUM 30 Seats

Buses & Drivers + BBM:
• Rp 1.450.000,-/12 Hours
• Rp 1.550.000,- / Full Day

3. MEDIUM 35 Seats

Buses & Drivers + BBM:
• Rp 1.600.000,-/12 Hours
• Rp 1.700.000,- / Full Day

4. BIG BUS 40 Seats

Buses & Drivers + BBM:
• IDR 1.850.000 / 12 Hours
• IDR 1.950.000 / Full Day


Kind of car


Avanza Rentals in Jogja
IDR. 190.000/07 Hrs


rent a car av Jogja
IDR. 190.000/07 Hrs


innova car rental in jogja
IDR. 550.000/12 Hrs


rent alphard


rent hiace jogja
IDR. 850.000/12 Hrs


Jogja Elf Rentals
IDR. 550.000/10 Hrs


rent kia pregio


rent ertiga jogja


rent a jogja bus
IDR. 800.000

YIA Airport Transfers

Transfer from or to YIA Airport (Yogyakarta International AirportThis is to make it easier for travelers who need a transfer only transportation facility when they arrive in Jogjakarta.

here private transfer shuttle offers Go Travela Indonesia

YIA – Bantul200.000
YIA – Yogyakarta City200.000
YIA – Kaliurang/Merapi225.000
YIA – Magelang/Borobudur375.000

The location of the new YIA Jogja Airport which is quite far from the city center is 45 Km with a duration of 1,5 hours by 4-wheeled vehicle.


It is a serious consideration for travelers in the gudeg city of Jogja when landing by plane/airline.

Our partner partners will pick up the traveler included with your name signboard in the pick up zone.

Kind of car: Avanza, Xenia, Brio and Apv
inclusive: Car, Gasoline and Driver Unit (One-way / One-time drop transfer).

How to Book

Please send a message via WhatsApp to check availability and wait for the next cheap Jogja car rental confirmation!
With Formats:

Name : …………..
Number of people : …………..
Car Type : …………..
How many days of use : …………..
Tour Date : …………..

Reservations :
Whatsapp book hours: 09Am to 08Pm
email: gotravela.id@gmail.com


Jogja car rental services serve cheap car rentals or rentals in Jogja + driver or lock off Jogja car rentals.

If you want to relax more during your trip, we recommend you use a car as well as a driver.

However, if you want a more intimate atmosphere with your family, you can choose to use a key-off car rental service instead.

Jogja Car Rental

When Travela wants to use our services for the cheapest Jogja car rental, you have to pay attention to a few tips first.

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FAQ General questions about car rental in Yogyakarta

Of course there will be many questions about looking for Jogja rental services. That's the most common we describe

How much does it cost to rent a car in Yogyakarta?

The rental price of course varies and differs depending on the policies of each rental service company. In this case we give 3 kinds of variants ranging from Full day Destinations, 7 Hours Rental Promo to Airport Transfers.

Can be checked again Jogja car rental promo IDR. 190.000 per 7 Hours on.

Why do you need a Jogja car rental for traveling?

Consider the comfort of your vacation. Also the administrative area of ​​Yogyakarta is quite wide and the traffic is heavy. So our advice is to use car rental services, especially for family travelers.

Let's see the link cheap car rental tips in Jogja.

Does the rental price depend on the distance traveled?

Yup, it's true that the cheapest car rental prices in Jogja depend on the distance traveled. Prices will change for out of town such as to Magelang, Gunung Kidul, Purworejo, Klaten etc.

Why are YIA Jogja Airport Transfers expensive?

Adisucipto is no longer a commercial airport and on August 28, 2020 YIA Airport was officially opened. YIA's location, which is far south of the city of Jogja, takes 1,5 hours or 45 KM from the zero kilometer point of Jogja.


Is it possible to rent a car for anti-mainstream tourist spots in Jogja?

Yes, we are happy if a traveler knows many anti-mainstream tourist spots in Jogja such as: The Lost World Castle, Selopamioro Park, Glampong Natural Studio, HeHa Sky View, Watu Mabur Cliff etc.

Why should Rent Car Jogja?

Surely our units, services and team drivers are the best for you.
For details, check the link reasons for using Gotravela car rental services.

Cheap Jogja Car Rental Tips?

Tips & how to get a cheap car rental in Jogja that really fits your expectations.

  1. Pay attention to rental rates
    The first tip is to find a cheap Jogja car rental at a rental price that fits your holiday budget or at a reasonable rate.

    Smart tenants will compare the best prices and see reference reviews from Google reviews or TripAdvisor service providers.
  2. Friendly service
    The next tip, choose a rental service that provides the best service for you. Every consumer wants the best service, right? So remember, cheap is not enough.

    Quality car rental services will also provide good service for each customer.
  3. The rental vehicle is in good condition
    Then, choose a cheap car rental service in Jogja that has a good condition vehicle. A good vehicle usually follows the year of the car or indicators of your comfort during the lease.

    Choose a clean & well-maintained car so that you feel satisfied when using the car you rent.

Interestingly, we provide various types of super quality vehicles that will make your trip to Jogjakarta more satisfying and comfortable.

Rent car rates for Jogja 2022 are right for your pocket!
Cheap Car Rental in Jogja
Rent Elf in Jogja Cheap Car Rental in Jogja
Rent a Tourist Bus in Jogja

The three tips for renting a cheap car in Jogja above you must understand as well as possible. After getting a Jogja car rental service that matches your criteria, it's time for you to use our car rental services that we offer.

If you are confused about finding a high-quality Jogja car rental service, just choose our services.

Why should you use our Jogja car rental services?

Reasons to Use Cheap Car Rental Services in Jogja

There are many reasons why travelers should use our services for cheap car rental in Jogja. We provide advantages in the form of a key-free car rental that will certainly make you safer and more comfortable.

Here are the reasons why you should use our car rental services.

1. Quick response

Our cheap Jogja car rental services serve reservations 24 hours non-stop according to your needs. Travela can rent or rent any type of car, from MPV Cars, minibuses, Grand Fortuner cars, Toyota Alphard, or Toyota Camrys. All choices of Jogja cars are available in full with us.

With this advantage, you don't have to spend a lot of time waiting. In addition, we will provide the best service with professional and experienced customer service.

2. Drivers rule the terrain

For you tourists who come from outside the city of Jogjakarta, you can use our cheap Jogja car rental along with the driver and fuel.

You just choose the tourist destinations that you will visit and our drivers are ready to take you to your destination professionally.

They already know the streets in Jogjakarta very well. So, you don't have to go around the streets to find the location of the tourist attractions to be visited.

Things like this will be detrimental because they take up a lot of time, examples such as Borobudur temple in lembang outside Yogyakarta city.

Cheap Car Rental in Jogja
3. A well-maintained and clean fleet of cars

Our fleet of cars are all clean, well-maintained, and even smell good. We do all these treatments to make each of our customers feel at home while using the car we rent.

Our fleet is also supported by high performance engines, does not break down on the road, and even our fleet has the most complete type. You can choose the type of car according to your wishes.

4. Affordable price

Like the tips you have learned above, you can look for a Jogja car rental service that provides affordable prices.

Likewise with us, our services do not hesitate to provide cheap car rental promos in Jogja which are certainly interesting for everyone.

5. On time

We provide a guarantee in the form of on-time tourist pick-up. We will pick you up on time.

An hour before you arrive, we will already be waiting for you. This is our best form of service to consumers who use our services.

6. Special service

Just like the special Jogja, we will also provide a really special car rental service for you.

Why do we say special? We will not make travela complicated while using our services. Whoever rents a car with us, we will guarantee happiness for you.

Look for a really high-quality Jogjakarta car rental service to make your Jogja vacation more enjoyable.

Use our services, which are well-known professionals and experts in Jogja tour car rental.

Explore Jogja:

Cheap Car Rentals in Jogja.