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Children's Vacation Places in Jogja | Yogyakarta with Family

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Be careful choosing a child's vacation spot in Jogja. Make sure that you visit a tourist attraction Yogyakarta safe for children.

Many parents still make the mistake of taking their children on vacation.

Most of them take their children to places that are deemed inappropriate and uneducated.

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Many parents still make the mistake of taking their children on vacation. Most of them take their children to places that are deemed inappropriate and uneducated.

One of them is taking children to the mall or shopping center. Holidays in a place like this are not suitable. Because, there is a negative impact that is embedded in children, namely a consumptive culture.

For this reason, it is better to choose several children's vacation spots in Jogja that provide educational value. The happy child of the parents did not worry. In fact, there are many benefits that can be obtained because it is not just fun.

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Children's Vacation Places in Jogja

There are so many tourist attractions in Jogja that are safe for children while providing educational value. This is very good for the process of growing and learning.

One of the benefits of vacation is as a balancer so that children are not stressed in facing a monotonous atmosphere every day. However, the mistake of choosing a tourist spot will only end in education or learning that is not right.

Taking children for a walk in the mall will not stimulate their motor skills, even their movements will be hampered if the shopping center is in a crowded condition.

Choosing a tourist spot must be in accordance with the conditions and needs of the child. Children need to see green plants with colorful flowers. Instead of seeing the colorful clothes hanging on the store shelves.

They are also more in need of running around in a natural playground with a pleasant atmosphere and fresh air. Not an artificial playground with tight air.

Safe & Educational Jogja Tour

The following are some children's vacation spots in Jogja that are highly recommended for a vacation to Yogyakarta with children. Among others are :

1. Smart Park

This tourist attraction is located not far from Malioboro, which is precisely on Jln Panembahan Senopati. This park was specifically created as a learning tool for children.

Smart Park Jogja is a Children's Tourist Spot

There, children will be given space to freely express and channel their desires through games. There are lots of educational games such as dancing water, smart treads, singing walls and so on.

Most of the rides are artificial. However, this park does not leave the children's need for a fresh and green area.

Trees and flower gardens are still visible in the surrounding area. It all serves as a counterweight to the surrounding air atmosphere.

2. Gembira Loka Zoo

The next children's vacation spot in Jogja that is highly recommended is the Gembira Loka Zoo. Here, children will be introduced to animals that they may have never seen before.

This zoo has quite a complete collection of animals, besides that the animals here are also well-maintained and free from disease. Children will be more comfortable learning and getting to know new animals.

In addition to sightseeing, children also have the opportunity to touch certain animals directly such as elephants or camels. They can also practice dexterity by catching fish in the pond provided.

Visiting the zoo is not only good for children, parents will also feel the benefits. You can sit and relax under the trees while enjoying the fresh air. This activity can relieve fatigue from daily activities.

3. Aerospace Museum

educative children's vacation spots in Jogja

One of the safe and educational tourist objects in Jogja for children is the Dirgantara museum. We know that children are the most excited when it comes to airplanes, helicopters and the like.

Therefore, taking the children to museum Aerospace is the right choice. Here, children will be satisfied with the view of various kinds of airplanes.

Actually, in this museum, children are not only treated to views of the plane. They can also enjoy other objects such as a collection of weapons, combat equipment and so on.

Here, you can also reminisce by looking at photos of the proud figures of the TNI and their statues. Teaching children about the history of their nation is more important than just walking around in a shopping mall.

4. Visiting Cultural Sites

Culture is the character and identity of a person. Therefore, the old or ancient culture should not be released just because a new culture enters.

Children's vacation spots in Jogja that are educational about culture are places like temples. There are many temples that can be visited such as Prambanan Temple, Borobudur Temple in Magelang and so on.

These temples will be direct learning media for them. Studying cultural history is like knowing ourselves as Indonesian people.

How the Indonesian people used to be, what kind of character did the people at that time have and what human values ​​they instilled. It is things like this that must be instilled in children so that they do not forget their identity as Indonesian people.

5. The World Landmarks – Merapi Park Jogjakarta

This best vacation spot for children offers interesting and different views than usual. Here, children can enjoy a replica of Mount Merapi as an icon of the city of Jogjakarta.

In addition, they can also learn about buildings abroad that are quite famous by looking at their imitations. This place is the most appropriate place to be used as a means of educating children.

6. The Lost World Castle

children's attractions in jogja

The Lost World Castle is one of the most popular children's vacation spots in Jogja lately. Although relatively new, this place is quite a draw.

Apart from the tourist rides provided, this place is located at the foot of Mount Merapi so you can see how dashing these mountains are up close.

There are various kinds of educational games that can be enjoyed by children. Here, children will not only play around. However, they will still be given knowledge and information through game rides.

Call it one of them is unique buildings. Indirectly, children will learn what building it is, where it comes from and what its function is. Therefore, this place is very appropriate when compared to other game rides.

7. Grand Puri Waterpark

Almost all children like to swim and play in the water. Therefore, it is appropriate if you take them for a vacation in this place. Grand Puri Waterpark is a children's vacation spot in Jogja with the largest and various water pools.

Children will definitely feel enthusiastic to explore each of the play pools. This tourist destination is the right place to train children's motor skills.

It also teaches courage in facing challenges. But also still don't forget the fun and exciting side of playing.

8. Grhatama Pustaka Library

If the library in your city seems boring and unattractive, you should visit this children's vacation spot in Jogja.

Guaranteed, the boring and monotonous atmosphere that usually surrounds a library, will not be found in this place.

The Grhatama Pustaka library has been designed in such a way with a variety of interesting additional facilities. You and your children will not feel bored even though you have been here all day.

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Those are eight vacation spots for children in Jogja that can be used as a reference. No need to be confused anymore to choose a vacation destination to Yogyakarta with children. Visiting the places above is not only good for the child's mood. But, it is also able to present a useful educational side. Happy learning and have fun.

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