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Climb Mount Batur Bali Sunrise of high-altitude 1.717 meters

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Climb Mount Batur Bali 2022

Mount Batur Bali is an active volcano that draws tourists in with both Beauty and promise of Glorious sunrise adventure. We offer climb mount batur Bali to enjoy an unforgettable sunrise from the top of an active volcano.

Join us for the amazing trek on the active volcano, Climb Mount Batur Bali!

Avoid the crowds at the public starting point and climb Mount Batur via a more private path starting from Kintamani Toya Bungkah.

Admire the 360-degree view of the surrounding islands and actually make a circle around the crater for a spectacular sunrise.

Climb Mount Batur

You start with an early morning pickup from your hotel. You will be taken to the iconic Toya Bungkah village (famous for the volcanic hot springs) and begin your ascent up the volcano under the twinkling stars in the cool morning air. 

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Batur Highlights

  • Enjoy a more private route to climb Mount Batur (no crowds here!)
  • Take in the spectacular sunrise from the summit!
  • Taste delicious eggs cooked with the steam from the fissures in the volcano
  • Go exploring with the best hiking guides from the Batur area
  • Return transfers from hotel to Toyah Bungkah (starting point).

Rates/Price Trekking Mount Batur

Clink the link above for trekking rates and schedules!

When you get to the peak, you'll witness the most majestic sight you've likely ever seen – watching the sun rise over Bali from above the clouds. The views are breathtaking and absolutely stunning.

Once you reach the top, you can find a spot to sit and watch the sunrise and your guide will offer tea and coffee and breakfast and you can enjoy a very welcome break.

You'll be hot and sweaty during the hike, but it's a good idea to take a jacket and scarf with you, as it gets pretty cold at the top.

Sunrise on top of Batur

Then, if you're lucky, you'll see one of the most beautiful sunrises of your life. Don't forget your camera!

As your descent begins, you will explore the three younger craters while we take in the amazing volcanic landscape.

5 Things to Know Before Trekking Sunrise Climb Mount Batur
  1. It's dark. Real dark. In fact, all you see during the hike up are stars, flashlights, and the dirt your light shines on. This is a good thing though, because if you could actually see the scrambling you were doing, you may end up turning right around.
  2. It's cold. Real cold. If you've been spending the last while at the beach, nothing can prepare you for the chill you'll feel when the winds rip across your sweat covered clothing, freezing it to ice and causing you to shiver uncontrollably. Ok, it's not actually that bad, but bring a windbreaker. You'll take it off on the way up but be thankful you have it at the top. A toque would be helpful too!
  3. They feed you breakfast, but don't eat the egg right away. Just in case you didn't follow number 2, the hot boiled egg will provide some much needed warmth in your near frozen extremities. Keep it safe, and when it's cooled down the protein will give you strength for the climb back down.
  4. You may not actually see the sunrise. Climbing the 1717 meters to the top and not seeing what you came for can definitely be disheartening. Just keep in mind, it's not the guide's fault (they have the pictures and all the excuses to prove that sometimes there is a sunrise worth making the climb for). You on the other hand have the pictures to prove you made it to the top, and as you go down and look back up, you feel exceptionally proud that you managed to climb all that you did… in pitch black.
  5. Insist on going all the way to the top. The majority of guides will stop 20 minutes short of the peak, probably due to the frigid cold and the incessant complaining of their trekees. Whether there is a sunrise or not, there's a sign and photo op that congratulates all your hard work that you can use as bragging rights with all your friends.


01.15 – 02.30: Pick-up at your hotel at Kuta, Nusadua, Seminyak, head directly to your starting point in the village of Toya Bungkah

03.15 – 03.30: Arrival at starting point, introduction and safety procedure briefing by your English-speaking guide

03.30 – 03.45: Begin the trek to Climb Mount Batur

04.00 – 06.00: Climb to the summit crater

06.15 – 06.45: Arrival at the summit crater, witness the spectacular sunrise. Enjoy refreshments of hot tea and eggs boiled in volcanic steam.

07.00: Continue the tracks around the entire crater.

08.00: Begin our descent to Jati Temple, the finishing point of the track.

09.00 – 09.30: Depart to the hotel

12.00 – 12.30: Arrival at the hotel


01.15 – 01.30 am : Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Candidasa, Lovina, Sidemen

01.30 – 01.45 am : Sanur area

02.30 am : Ubud area

01.00 am : Amed Area

03.00 am: Kintamani Area


  • Pick up and return to your hotel by private air conditioned car
  • Local trekking guides speak English
  • Light Breakfast on top (Bread, egg and boiled banana)
  • parking fees
  • Mineral water
  • Flashlights

What should you bring:

  • Hiking shoes for climbing Mount Batur
  • Jacket
  • Long pants
  • Camera
Activities Details:
  • Activity Level: Moderate
  • Hiking Duration: 4 hours (up & down)
  • Temperature: 8 – 15° Celsius (At the summit)

trekking Mt. Batur Price:

Rate below based on Rupiah (Indonesian Currency) for all markets. Get Special Price for group booking with us!

2 person487.000
3 person345.000
4 person270.000

The above fees are not included administrative BKSDA/Pemda permit to enter conservation area and Penelokan Enterence fee.

Payment Terms:

cash payment
Payment is on the day itself with our drivers
Payment with other currency will be converted based on the daily exchange rate

Book and Reservation
e. gotravela.id@gmail.com
Whatsapp. +6281999 565 666

Highlights of Climb Mount Batur

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