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Culinary Marawa Beach Club

marawa beach club

Taste Culinary at Marawa Beach Club while enjoying the beauty of Air Manis Beach. Of course this is a lot of fun. In fact, you can come to the West Sumatra Beach Club with your children.

Marawa Beach Club West Sumatra

Marawa Beach Club has become a hit tourist spot in Padang. As a new tourist attraction, this place is always crowded with visitors.

Visitors know this place from social media. The opening of the new Marawa Beach Club in 2022. Did you know that this tour is one of the businesses owned by Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina.

Of course not solely owned by RANS Entertainment. But also working with the Shah Establishment. Be this place as the first beach club in Padang.

The location of the Beach Club is at Air Manis Beach, South Padang, Padang, West Sumatra.

From the center of Padang City, the distance is not too far. Only about 30 minutes if taken by vehicle.

Holiday to Marawa Beach Club

The car park is quite spacious. This makes visitors feel comfortable to park their vehicles, especially four-wheeled vehicles. The capacity of the Beach Club is able to accommodate about 3.000 guests.

The concept of the Beach Club building is very luxurious. But still using the Minang element design. The architecture of this house adopts the architectural style of Rumah Gadang.

From this luxurious building, you can see the rolling waves. The sound of the waves is also faintly heard.

If you come at night, the atmosphere of the beach is dark so you can't see the sea.

You should come here in the afternoon or evening. So that you can see the beautiful Air Manis beach.

Even if you come in the afternoon, you can enjoy the sunset.

Of course, if you come to this Beach Club, you must taste the culinary. But apart from that, there are also other facilities such as amusement rides and a children's playground.

This place is indeed very suitable as a vacation spot with family.

With a playground, children can play happily. While the parents can relax enjoying the beauty of the beach.

Price of admission

The price of admission to Marawa Beach Club is Rp. 100.000 for adults. While for children Rp. 50.000.

Before coming you can make a reservation in advance. Please make a reservation online through the official website, marawabeachclub.com.

The trick is to go to the web marawabeachclub.com, then click the reservation menu.

Then specify the arrival date. Then, log into your Marawa account. If you don't have an account, please create an account first.

Then, select a ticket category. Enter the number of tickets. You will be asked to enter the required data. After that, press the continue button.

Then, click confirm. Continue by pressing the Pay Now button.

Please make payment. After making payment, you will get a ticket and Barcode. Tickets can be downloaded and used for entry.

Let's read too

Food menu

A variety of food menus are available. Starting from the Caesar Salad menu, Thai Beef Salad, Zuppa Souo, Mushroom Soup. Then for dessert there is Panacotta, Carrot Cake.

Then for light meal, there are many choices. Such as Frenc Fries, Calamari, Chicken Wings, Beef Burger and so on.

That's information about the culinary menu of Marawa Beach Club, location to ticket prices.


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