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Yeh Melet Lake Bali

Yeh Melet Lake

Never Realized Lake Yeh Melet Bali So Deserted!

Bali, as the prima donna of Indonesian tourism on the national and international stage, has a multitude of interesting destinations. It's not just about white sand beaches or majestic temples which are full of religious values ​​and artistic elements, but the Island of the Gods is also enchanting with a variety of popular tourist destination Including lakes.

One of the lakes in Bali is Yeh Melet Lake. Located in Karangasem, this lake offers a landscape of green hills connected to cool waters. Unfortunately, normalization has never been realized, making Lake Yeh Melet Bali deserted.

Yeh Lake Melt Past and Present

In fact, as stated by Sarianta, a resident around Banjar Yeh Melet, when it was still full of water and good, Lake Yeh Melet Bali used to be busy with visitors. Tourist visits can reach 100 people a day. However, since shallowing occurred and the water receded, there are no more tourists.

The condition of the lake is worrying, with thickets of bushes and water hyacinth and weeds which are quite disturbing to the view.

"In the past, when there was still water, up to 100 tourists came a day. Even to the point of being overwhelmed by parking. "But now there is nothing in the zonk, the traders who previously sold have now closed," he said as quoted from detikBali.

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Normalization That Never Happens

He said that the Normalization of Yeh Melet Lake Bali had actually been planned for a long time, but until now it had not been realized. It is not known what caused the postponement of the plan.

He only believes that if normalization can be realized and completed, there will be a good impact on the economy of the people of Yeh Melet and its surroundings. "I am sure that if the Normalization of Lake Yeh Malet is completed it will have a big impact on the economy of the Yeh Malet Community, especially in the MSME sector," he explained.

Yeh Melet Lake
Yeh Melet Lake

The hope that Yeh Melet Lake Bali will soon be realized was also expressed by another resident of Banjar Dinas Yeh Melet, I Putu Wirawan. "If it is truly normalized and well organized, it will certainly be an opportunity for tourism actors and actors alike MSMEs. "So that it can improve the community's economy, especially for local communities," he said.

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PUPR Department

Regarding the efforts to normalize Yeh Melet Lake, the Head of the Karangasem Regency PUPR and Perkim Service, Wedasmara, said that normalization is the authority of the River Basin Center (BWS) and is a central program.

However, his party admitted that they had been involved in the initial planning for Normalization. However, at the next discussion stage, his party was no longer involved.

"But the temporary information says that the DED (detailed engineering design) has been completed but the budgeting hasn't been done yet, so normalization can't be carried out yet, but regarding the details, we don't know for sure," he said again.

Hopefully the normalization of Lake Yeh Melet Bali will be realized soon, so it can be busy again. More than that, it is hoped that this lake, which is said to be old and has existed since the Kingdom Era, can become a new alternative for tourists to see a different side of Bali. (y)


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