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Tuktuk Siadong Tourism Village | 8 Activities on Samosir Island

Tuktuk Sidong tourist village

Want to experience a different holiday? Visit the Tuktuk Siadong Tourism Village and enjoy the view of Lake Toba from a different angle, really healing!

Tuktuk Siadong Tourism Village – This village in Batak land is very interesting to explore. Anyone who stops by one of the villages in Samosir will definitely feel at home there for a long time.

Yes, you must visit the Tuktuk Siadong Tourist Village if you visit Samosir Island. This stunning village is a tourist destination not to be missed.

Tuktuk Siadong Village, located in Siadong, Simanindo District, Samosir Regency, is famous as a place to see the beauty of Lake Toba.

This settlement is strategically located opposite parapat and surrounded by two other places, namely Tomok and Ambarita. The extent of greenery along the route is simply stunning.

The combination of nature and traditional Batak cultural patterns that can be seen in the sturdy Bolon traditional houses adds to tourists' sense of awe towards the land of Batak. The air in Tuktuk Village is very cold and the atmosphere is quite calm.

Tuktuk Siadong Tourism Village

Tuktuk Siadong Tourist Village is a unique settlement in Batak land. This popular tourist destination is Samosir Island in Lake Toba, North Sumatra. Visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the lake and mountains that surround the island from a point on the water's edge.

Tuktuk Siadong Village is famous for its calm and peaceful atmosphere, making it ideal for anyone who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tourists can stay in traditional accommodation such as stilt houses for rent. Apart from that, there are various restaurants and cafes that provide traditional Batak food and international food.

Tuktuk Siadong Tourism Village offers various activities, including swimming and relaxing on the edge of the lake, fishing in the middle of the lake, and getting around the village by bicycle or car.

Visitors can travel to nearby tourist destinations such as Sipiso-Piso Waterfall, Holbung Hill and the Batak Museum. Exploring Tuktuk Village allows you to experience the calm and natural atmosphere of Samosir Island, as well as the rich local culture.

So, if you want to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, Tuktuk Siadong Tourism Village could be the right choice. Here are some other activities in Tuktuk Village.

Location: Simanindo District, Samosir Regency, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia.

Entrance ticket: Every day 21.00 – 02.00.

Opening hours: Free

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Activities in Tuktuk Siadong

1. Sit and enjoy the view of Lake Toba

Sometimes traveling is not just doing activities from morning to night. Relax while looking at Lake Toba, without doing anything, just sitting quietly while looking at the distant Bukit Barisan.

Enjoy the view of Lake Toba
Source: @777aan

Enjoying the peace that is difficult to obtain in the dense city is Healing that you must try!

2. Beautiful view of Beta Hill

The first thing you see when entering Tuktuk village is the view of the green and beautiful Beta Hills in the distance, as if it were a picture. The presence of the Simangande waterfall among the hills adds to the beauty of the area.

3. Cycling around a Tuk Tuk

Cycling around the village is one sport that never gets boring at Tuk Tuk Siadong. Don't forget to add cycling activities to your holiday list, especially after filling your stomach with delicious food.

cycling around tuktuk

Cycling Tuk Tuk Siadong takes 2 hours. To avoid sunburn, go early in the morning or late in the evening.

4. Enjoy Batak and Western Acculturation cakes

It is no longer a secret that in almost every tourist area there is local and western cultural acculturation, where many foreign tourists marry local residents and then set up businesses.

Likewise with the Tuktuk Siadong Tourism Village, Acculturation of food (cake) culture between Batak and Europeans. The cake menu at Tabo Cottages is a must try, you won't be disappointed.

5. Take a ferry trip

It's also fun if you take the Parapat – Tuk Tuk – Parapat ferry trip. While on the boat, you will pass various inns or Harbor while admiring the view of Lake Toba or Bukit Barisan.

Ferry trip in Tuktuk Samosir
Source: @frederikjoo_simbolon

Don't be afraid to experiment by stopping in areas you didn't plan beforehand.

6. Visit Tomok and Explore the Souvenir Shop

The close distance between Tuk Tuk and Tomok (approximately 15 minutes by motorbike) forces you to include Tomok on your list of places you must visit while on holiday to Tuk Tuk Samosir.

Exploring souvenir shops, seeing local wisdom, and visiting traditional markets along the harbor are fun activities.

7. Visit historical sites

Visiting historical sites in this area is the best way to enjoy and appreciate local wisdom and documented history in the local area.

King Sidabutar's Tomb and Sigale-gale Performance in Tomok, Batu Parsidangan in Siallagan Village, and many others.

8. Eat delicious Tinombur Grilled Fish

It would be a shame to visit the Tuktuk Siadong Tourist Village without tasting the local food, one of which is Grilled Tinombur Fish which is prepared with traditional spicy spices which are appetizing, especially Andaliman. Moreover, this grilled fish is still fresh from Lake Toba.

Let's read about other destinations:

History of Tuktuk Siadong

Lake Toba and its surroundings were still known to be haunted and mysterious in the 1950s. One of them is the Tuktuk area in Simanindo District, Samosir Regency, about an hour's journey from the capital city of Pangururan.

It is said that before Tuktuk Siadong, the village was known as Tuktuk Siasu. So asu is dog in Javanese. To be precise, the area was known as Tuktuk Sisu during the early days of the Republic of Indonesia's independence. Because people who come always bring their pet dogs.

Bringing a pet dog is an option for people who want to start farming in Tuk Tuk village, because the place is known to be haunted and it is thought that there were spirits in the past.

The sound of a dog barking is thought to be able to drive away spirits in an area. In fact, people who like hunting still bring their dogs with them, and the results of their hunting are always sold at the market.

Several Tuktuk residents admitted that the nickname Tuktuk Sisu had stuck with them since they were teenagers. Because there were so many Dogs in Tuktuk at that time.

However, as time went by, the name changed, because of the many people who lived and settled there. Moreover, with the arrival of tourists from abroad arriving, the name Tuktuk Siasu has changed to Tuktuk Pulo Pulo.

Tuktuk Siasu and Tuktuk Pulo Pulo changed their names to Tuktuk Siadong Tourism Village. The name changed as the village developed into a popular tourist destination, both for foreign and local tourists.

It's all in Tuktuk, hence the name Siadong. Tuktuk Has hotels, restaurants and people from various social classes. In fact, Tuktuk Siadong is estimated to have hundreds of accommodation accommodations, ranging from budget to star class.

If you like culture and history, there's no harm in trying a different holiday at Tuktuk Siadong Tourism Village, there are lots of positive insights that can be taken. Interested in visiting?


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