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Tasikmalaya Tourist Destinations | Tasikmalaya Tourist Attractions

Tasikmalaya tourist attraction

The following Tasikmalaya tourist destinations can be a reference. There are quite a lot of tourist attractions in Tasikmalaya. Of course, no less interesting with other tours in West Java Province.

Tasikmalaya tourist destinations
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There is no doubt about the charm of West Java tourism. Including the beauty of tourist attractions in Tasikmalaya. It turns out that not only culinary, but many other beautiful tours that you must visit.

In fact, some of these tourist attractions in Tasikmalaya are viral on social media. Curious about which tourist attractions in Tasikmalaya are hits?

List of Tourist Attractions in Tasikmalaya

1. Pamutuh Waterfall

It is wrong to think that the Green Canyon of West Java is only Pangandaran Beach. In Tasikmalaya there is also Curug Pamutuh. This place is a new destination. Not many people know.

The natural atmosphere here is so calm. The natural scenery is also very beautiful. Very suitable for a vacation spot.

The location of the Pamutuh waterfall tourist attraction in Cigadog, Leuwisari, Tasikmalaya, West Java.

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2. Karang Resik Tourism Park

In this tourist spot you will find many exciting rides. The location of this destination is near the Sitanduy River. Naturally, if the scenery here is very beautiful.

The complete address of Karang Resik Tourism Park is at Jalan Mohammad Hatta, Sukamanah, Cipedes, Tasikmalaya, West Java. The entrance ticket is Rp. 35.000 per person.

 3. Pineus Forest View

As the name implies, this tourist spot is in the form of a pine forest. You will feel the fresh air and beautiful atmosphere. You can get cool instagrammable photos here.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of nature, you can also enjoy various rides. There is also an outbound area here. In addition, there are cafe facilities, camping ground and a food market.

Entrance tickets are quite cheap. You just pay Rp. 8.000 only.

4. Panetean Waterfall

The next tourist destination in Tasikmalaya is Curug Panetean. Here you can be satisfied playing in the water.

This family tour is always crowded on Saturdays and Sundays. Many people spend time on vacation with their family. The address for Curug Panetean is located in Pangliaran, Pancatengah, Tasikmalaya, West Java.

You can see the beauty of the waterfall. In addition to playing in the water, you can also take pictures with a cool waterfall background.

The water is very clear. This waterfall has become a tourist hit because it has been viral on tiktok.

5. Mount Galunggung

If this tour is definitely not foreign to your ears, isn't it. Mount Galunggung is so popular. The mountain, which is an icon of Tasikmalaya, has many interesting tours. Such as Green Crater, View Post, Hot Springs and Curug Agung.

6. Karang Tawulan Beach

In addition to vacations in the mountains, you can also go to the beach. There is Karang Tawulan Beach in Tasikmayala.

This beach is very exotic with cliffs jutting into the sea. If most of the beach sand is white, it is different from this beach. You will find a beach with black sand that looks elegant.

Entry fee is enough Rp. 3.500 only. You can watch the beautiful big waves roll. You can relax in gazebo available on the beach.

If you want to stay overnight, there is a camping ground area that the manager provides.

No need to worry if your stomach feels hungry. In this beach area there are many food stalls. You can enjoy the menu offered.

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Those are 6 tourist destinations in Tasikmalaya as your vacation choice. Tourist attractions here are complete, ranging from mountain tours to beaches.


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