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Devils Tears Nusa Lembongan

devils tears nusa lembongan bali

Devils Tears Nusa Lembongan is a unique tourist spot that many tourists look at. This interesting destination is amazing because it offers beautiful beach views. Coupled with the steep cliffs, the view is even more interesting.

devil's tears nusa lembongan
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What tourists always admire is the high waves crashing against the reef. This moment is used as a photo background. In fact, many couples also use it as a pre-wedding photo background.

But keep in mind that visitors who want to take pictures with a steep cliff as a backdrop with high waves crash, still have to be careful. Because, this location includes vulnerable and dangerous. The rocks that were hit by the waves became slippery. You must always be vigilant.

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The Uniqueness of Devil's Tears Nusa Lembongan

Compared to other beaches, Devil's Tears Nusa Lembongan is different. Generally, the beach has an edge with a stretch of white sand. However, you will not find a vast stretch of white sand when you visit Devil's Tears. In this tourist spot, it is not white sand but rocks and high cliffs that surround the beach.

The charm of the sea water bursts into the air because the waves hitting the rocks are very beautiful. The splash of water that shoots into the air is even similar to a spring.

This natural phenomenon is always hunted by tourists, both local and foreign. Maybe some people think this scene is scary, but this is precisely what is the attraction and uniqueness of Devil's Tears.

Best Time to Visit Devil's Tears Pantai Beach

Better to come in the afternoon. Apart from the fact that the weather is not hot, you will also get a moment to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Capture the stunning sunset moment with the waves crashing at this tourist location. You can get a romantic atmosphere at this Nusa Lembongan tourist attraction.

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Locations and Routes to Tourist Attractions

Devil's Tears is in Jungutbatu Village. Including one of the tourist attractions in Nusa Lembongan that is so in demand by tourists.

To go to tourist sites, you can depart from Sanur Beach, then head to the pier. Please choose to take a fast boat or a motorboat to go to Jungut Batu pier. The travel time taken is 30 minutes.

After arriving at the Jungut Batu pier, you can continue the journey by car rental or motorbike rental.

The location of Devil's Tears is not far from Dream Beach. So if you come here, you can all visit Dream Beach. This beach also has an impressive sea view. On the coast, most of it consists of cliffs kapur.


There are several facilities that generally exist in tourist attractions. There is a parking lot, several toilets, food and drink stalls.

You will not be afraid of starvation if you travel here. The food stalls there sell young coconut ice, brewed drinks, and easy-to-make food. For places of worship, there is a prayer room available.

The parking area provided is also spacious, making it easier for visitors to park their vehicles. If you want to spend the night, there are inns that can be rented.

Interesting Activities in Devil's Tears

What are some fun things to do in Devil's Tears?

1. Jumping from the Top of a Cliff

If you have the guts to like a challenge, you can try jumping from the top of the cliff. But this is very risky. Because the coral around this area is quite sharp. In fact, during the rainy season the corals are slippery.

2. Sit Relax

If you feel tired walking around, you can sit back and relax in the available bamboo huts. You can also sit on a plastic chair while enjoying the beautiful view of the waves hitting the rocks. If you feel hungry you can sit while eating food.

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3. Selfie

The thing that tourists don't miss is taking pictures. In fact, many professional photographers are there ready to offer photo services with satisfactory results.

But if you want to take a selfie yourself, really pay attention to the situation when you are going to take a photo. Watch out for the waves. Do not get carried away by the waves to far into the sea because it is very dangerous.

That's a review of the Devil's Tears tourist spot, a tourist spot in Nusa Lembongan. Hope it's useful, my friend.


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