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Dieng Day Tour

Wonosobo tourist spot

Doing a day trip to Dieng requires careful preparation. Make sure you choose a tourist spot in Wonosobo that is not far apart.

dieng day trip
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Do you have plans for a vacation to Dieng? But unfortunately you only have 1 day to go there without staying. Relax, you can really visit some of the following tourist attractions.

You can visit several tourist objects located in Wonosobo and Banjarnegara Regencies for 1 day.

If you only have a day, you need to take a short trip. So you don't have time to travel.

Try to keep the distance from one place to another is not too far. So your time can be more efficient.

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Day Tour Destinations in Dieng

Here's a travel itinerary if you just want a vacation from morning to evening.

1. Arjuna Temple

In the morning, you can go to Arjuna Temple. Let's say you arrive in Dieng at 9 am. You can choose this temple as your first tourist spot.

Arjuna Temple tour is so beautiful in the morning. This temple complex is surrounded by hills all around. Here, you can take as many photos as you want with beautiful views.

If you are satisfied with taking pictures, in the afternoon you can move to other tourist attractions.

2. Lunch Culinary Tour

By noon, you can go on a culinary tour. Don't miss to taste the typical food of the Diang area. Especially if it's not Mie Ongklok.

You will see many eating places on the side of the Dieng day trip road that sell ongklok noodles. If you are full, you can rest for a while and pray the midday prayer. Then, continue visiting other tourist attractions.

3. Sikidang Crater

Sikidang Crater is a Wonosobo tourist spot located in a mountainous area. The air is cool and the scenery around is very beautiful.

At the Dieng day tourist location, you can find game rides. For example, riding an ATV, motocross, flying fox, horse riding and so on.  

Besides that, there are also instagenic photo spots that will make your photos even cooler.

This tourist spot has become a popular tourist spot in Dieng. It's not complete if you go to Wonosobo but don't come here. No wonder if every weekend many visitors come to this tourist spot.

So if you don't want a holiday with a crowded atmosphere, just come on weekdays.

The Dieng Plateau is a giant volcano. There are many eruption craters. Sikidang's friend is on flat ground. So unlike other craters that are difficult to access.

On this Dieng day trip, visitors can see the crater with exploding gas. In this crater there is also white smoke or gas. Natural phenomena this really amazed every visitor who came.

But if you come with children, make sure to be vigilant to keep them safe.

4. Color Lake

After Sikidang Crater, you can continue to Telaga Warna. The trip around the Sikidang crater might make you tired.

You can rest while enjoying the beauty of Telaga Warna. The location of the Telaga Warna tourist spot is not far from Sikidang Crater.

In the afternoon, you can relax by the lake while enjoying the surrounding scenery. Telaga Warna is closed at 4 pm.

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You can leave the tourist area to travel home.

That's the recommendation for a day trip to Dieng. You can take a vacation from morning to evening to the tourist attractions of Arjuna Temple, Sikidang Crater and Lake Telaga Warna. How? When do you want to go on vacation to Dieng, Wonosobo? Hope you have a nice holiday.


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