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Double Six Beach

double six beach

Double Six Beach is very popular with tourists. Double Six Beach has a dazzling twilight charm. Many people purposely come here in the afternoon to see the sunset.

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Double Six Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Bali. Especially when in the afternoon, at sunset. Because of the beauty of the scenery, many deliberately hang out in the afternoon.

So even though it's not as famous as Kuta beach, this tourist attraction is always crowded with visitors. Besides having stunning beauty, Double Six Beach has complete facilities.

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There are supporting facilities for a comfortable hangout place for visitors. This is one of the attractions that attracts many visitors. They can enjoy the beauty of the sunset on this beach.

Bean bags are available on the beach which are specially provided for visitors. Bean bags with colorful umbrellas look attractive. This is where the tourists are pampered to enjoy the beauty of the sunset. In addition to the charm of the sunset being featured, Double Six Beach also has another special attraction.

Double Six Beach Attractions

Here are the attractions that you can enjoy.

1. The Beauty of the Sea

The view of the sea on this beach is no less beautiful, you know. This is an attraction that is owned by Double Six Beach. The visitors can sit back and relax in the cafe or hangout on the beach.

A comfortable place makes visitors more comfortable enjoying the blue sea that stretches widely. Cafés along the coast have adequate facilities in the form of: bean bag, chair and table.

Better to come in the afternoon. The weather was not too hot so it was comfortable. Most visitors come at 4 pm. Besides being able to relax comfortably, you can also enjoy the charm of a beautiful sunset.

2. Big Waves

Double Six Beach has relatively large waves. Big waves are often used for surfing. Well, visitors usually take advantage of these big waves to surf.

Not only visitors from within the city, but many foreign tourists who exercise surfing here. There is rental equipment on the beach so for those who don't bring a surfboard, there's no need to worry.

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3. Private Clubs

If you're the type of person who doesn't really like crowds, there is a private club here. So you can enjoy relaxing in peace. You will not feel the noise. So it is very suitable for tourists who want to spend time in a calm atmosphere.

Tourist Attraction Location

Double Six Beach is located at Jalan Pantai Double Six number 66. For the route to the tourist attraction location, from Kuta City take the road to Legian Beach. When you reach the intersection, take the left lane. Later you will find a signpost to the beach.

It's not difficult to find Double Six Beach because of its strategic location. It is located near the hustle and bustle of the city. If taken from Ngurah Rai Airport, you need about 30 minutes by car. The distance from Kuta Beach is about 15 minutes. Close enough, right?

Activities at Double Six Beach
1. Play Beach Volleyball

You can play beach volleyball with friends. There are many visitors who play volleyball on this beach. If you don't have enough personnel, you can invite other visitors to play volleyball together.

2. Surfing

Surfing is also a favorite activity for visitors. The big waves make this beach a favorite surfing spot.

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3. Bungee Jumping

Are you a lover of activities that stimulate adrenaline? Here, try bungee jumping at Double Six Beach. This sport is quite extreme because you will jump from a height. The legs are tied using an elastic rope.

There is also a lot of beauty that is owned by Double Six Beach Bali. If you travel to Bali, don't forget to come to this beautiful beach.


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