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East Flores Sorghum Field Agrotourism

East Flores Sorghum Field Agrotourism

Knowing the Potential of Agrotourism in East Flores Sorghum Field.

Currently, in various regions of eastern Indonesia, the development of the management of potential tourist destinations continues to be carried out.

That's because this country has a lot of natural wealth and beautiful.

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East Flores Sorghum Field Agrotourism

For example, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara has a sorghum field which is a good agro-tourism destination, and can be another source of income for the local population.

Flores with resources east indonesia tour itself a lot of land that is quite barren, but now it has become a trick to plant sorghum.

That means, there will be quite a lot of places that have agro-tourism potential for the East Flores Sorghum field if the development is as good as possible.

Kawalelo Village

What is the Potential of Agrotourism in East Flores Sorghum Fields?

One of the areas in the East Flores region that has the potential for agro-tourism in the East Flores Sorghum field is Likotuden.

Likotuden Sorghum Embung

The hamlet which is located is called Kawalelo Village, approximately 23 Km from Larantuka City It is not only famous for its natural beauty but also for its sorghum plant.

Numbu Variety Sorghum

Sorghum / sorghum is a type of grain plant that is versatile, which can be used as a source of food and industrial raw materials.

Consisting of 30 species with 1 species that thrives in Indonesia, especially East Flores, the Latin sorghum variety Numbu. As a food ingredient, this plant is ranked 5th after wheat, corn, rice, and barley.

This east flores sorghum field contains insoluble fiber or crude fiber and dietary fiber. The content of each is 6,5% – 7,9% and 1,1% – 1,23%.

The protein content is also balanced with the protein in corn, which is 10,11% compared to 11,02% corn. Likewise, the starch content is much greater 80,42% compared to corn.

Another advantage of this sorghum is no gluten content.

Sorghum plant
What Is Gluten & Impact on Health?

Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat, corn and barley. Indonesian people have been immersed in the pleasure of the elasticity of flour, because of the high gluten.

This is what makes sorghum flour few fans because of the absence of gluten is different from the case with wheat flour. The gluten protein is what makes the dough for noodles and bread elastic.

According to research by Aladokter(dot)com

Eating too many foods containing gluten will cause digestive disorders to cause digestive problems celiac disease ( peradangan yang merusak lapisan usus kecil ).

So a healthy flour alternative for consumption and gluten free is sorghum flour. Which has a low glycemic index number so that it supports consumption trends gluten free diet as in developed countries.

Agrotourism Potential

The agro-tourism potential of Kawalelo village is quite good and in the future it can become a special attraction if we can exploit the utilization of the East Flores sorghum field plant as well as possible.

For example, on how to plant plants correctly and not carelessly.

East Flores Sorghum Field
East Flores Sorghum Field

The arrangement of the sorghum fields can make the fields more organized and tourists will be able to see the beauty of these plants up close.

The arrangement of the east flores sorghum fields can be arranged like the arrangement of rice plants with roads.

Then the arrangement of sorghum plants is also arranged in terraced plots like rice fields.

Trekking & Instagram-able Wisata

Now with these roads, it will be possible for tourists to have a trekking or trekking program like an agro-tourism place in the highlands.

Not only that, with the existence of these trails, tourists will be able to see sorghum plants from a fairly close distance.

Or you can even take Instagram selfies in the expanse of sorghum fields.

Instagramable Sorghum Farm

Moreover, in Likotuden Village, the sorghum plant is a unique plant such as grains with a height of more than one meter, and also has sorghum grains.

Not to mention that there are many types of sorghum that are cultivated in this village such as okin, kuwali, super and numbu.

Each type of sorghum has its own uniqueness ranging from different heights to the color of the sorghum grains which are also different.

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Onboarding Education

Another potential is the existence of a guide program on how to grow sorghum plants. This can also be used for study tours for elementary, middle and high school children, local/national formal or educational tours with family.

Tourists can join directly with the residents or sorghum plant farmers to try to grow these plants.

That way, the East Flores sorghum field agrotourism can also be an educational tour that adds insight for tourists.

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Arrangement of sorghum plants can indeed be a special attraction for tourists.

But other than that, the agro-tourism potential of this plant can be further developed with various preparations that can be made from this one plant.

That way, the surrounding community can provide a variety of delicious and unique foods from the sorghum plant, so that it can become a culinary tourism destination as well for tourists.

Not only that, processed products from sorghum plants can also be used as souvenirs for tourists.

The agro-tourism potential of the East Flores Sorghum field, if developed, will have many advantages. Especially for local residents who can be a new source of income.

Not only that, the development of agro-tourism can also help increase other tourism in the area to attract more visitors and generate profits.

Getting to know the tourism potential of the East Flores sorghum field


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