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East Flores Oa Beach | East Nusa Tenggara Paradise

east oa flores beach

East Flores Oa Beach has an extraordinary natural charm. White sand that stretches wide, with beautiful waves and clean air that is free of pollution makes anyone feel at home here.

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East Flores Indonesia Tourism Saves many exotic natural tourist attractions. This district is in East Nusa Tenggara Province, precisely at the tip of Flores Island. Larantuka City, have you ever heard of this city?

There is an ancestral cultural heritage that is highly respected in Larantuka, namely Semana Santa. Many tourists are also interested in seeing traditions with religious nuances firsthand.

Besides being rich in ancestral heritage, Larantuka also has the charm of a beautiful beach, namely Oa Beach.

The name Oa Beach has a beautiful meaning. In the Nagi language, Oa is a greeting for young girls.

So what this means is that Oa Beach is likened to a beautiful girl who is still untouched.

To travel to Oa Beach, you must be confused about what mode of transportation to use? Well, my friend, you can do it car rental in Larantuka. The trip will be more comfortable and faster if done from Larantuka.


Location of East Flores Oa Beach

Oa Beach is located in Oa Village, Wulanggitang District, East Flores Regency. If taken from Larantuka City, around 50 km.

Oa Beach is not far from Rako Beach. So in one go, you can visit two tourist attractions at once.

If you depart from Maumere City, the distance you have to cover is around 90 kilometers. After that you will arrive at Boru. Next, you need to turn right to reach South Beach.

The road to get to Oa Beach is quite difficult. The terrain is still bad so visitors must be careful. However, all the tiredness due to traveling on badly damaged terrain will be paid off after seeing the beauty of Oa Beach.

Oa Beach has extraordinary tourism potential. The local community collaborates with the local village government to manage this tourist attraction.

One way to promote the charm of this tourist attraction is through social media. Until now, Oa Beach is known to the wider community, even abroad.

The charm of Oa Beach is even more attractive, especially after it is managed by the Oa Village Government. In 2016 to be precise, this tourist attraction appeared with a more attractive charm. Many domestic and foreign tourists visit here.

Interesting Activities On Oa . Beach

Oa Beach has beautiful views. On the edge of the beach there is white sand that stretches wide. The atmosphere is very quiet so it is suitable for calming down.

For those who like natural tourism, this tourist spot is able to provide a truly natural atmosphere. You could say this is a hidden tourist paradise in East Flores.

Apart from enjoying its extraordinary natural charm, visitors can also enjoy grilled fish cooked by local residents. The fish can be adjusted to suit tourists' tastes.

Of course, eating grilled fish on the beach while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery accompanied by the sound of crashing waves is very enjoyable. Moreover, cooked fish is fresh fish. It definitely feels better.

The thing that makes tourists feel at home traveling to Oa Beach in East Flores is the friendly people. Visitors can greet them.

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If you are on holiday at Oa Beach, it is best to come in the morning. Especially if you can come before the sun rises. The sunrise view from this beach is truly a feast for the eyes.

The beauty is extraordinary. You must capture sunrise photos at Oa Beach, East Flores if you have the opportunity to vacation here.

Facilities at Oa Beach are still minimal. If you are on vacation, don't forget to bring your own food and drinks. There are no food stalls here, so you have to prepare your own food and drinks.

That's a review of Oa Beach in East Flores, a beach that is still hidden.


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