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Echo Pantai Beach Tour

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Echo Beach attractions have extraordinary appeal. The charm of the sunset at Echo Beach is very beautiful. In addition, the scenery around the beach is also very charming.

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Kuta is the center of tourism on the island of Bali. There are various tourist attractions here. One of them is the Echo Beach tourist attraction which has a variety of attractions. Yes, indeed Bali is rich in beautiful beaches.

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In Kuta, you can find a series of beaches that are located close together. So, one way you can visit several tourist spots. Very interesting right?

If you have a vacation plan to Bali, you can choose to visit Kuta Beach, then to Echo Beach. Furthermore, you can also visit Double Six Beach and Seminyak Beach. Wow, these beaches have an amazing charm!

Echo . Beach Tourist Attractions

Did you know that Echo Beach is also called Batu Mejan Beach or Mejan Beach. Usually local people call it that. However, this tour is more popular with the Echo due to the popularity of the Echo Beach Club. This club is located next to Batu Mejan Temple.

1. Brown Sand

If most beaches in Bali have white sand, it's a different matter with this tourist attraction. Here the beach sand is slightly brownish.

Some of the beaches also consist of rocks. The waves here are quite large. So don't be surprised if you will see many visitors surfing here.

2. Surf Spot

If you are also a lover of surfing, don't miss this opportunity. You can bring your own surfboard or rent one. Renting is considered more practical because you don't have to bother carrying it here and there.

3.Golden Sunset

When viewed as a whole, the tourist charm of Echo Beach is almost similar to the beaches along the Kuta coast. For example, Legian Beach.

At Echo Beach, you can also enjoy the charm of a charming sunset. You can spend time here in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset.

4. Sunbathing

In addition to enjoying the charm of the sunset, tourists also like to sunbathe on the beach. Usually sunbathing activities are carried out by foreign tourists.

During the day the atmosphere tends to be quiet. Many come in the afternoon because the weather is not very hot.

But if you like a quiet atmosphere, come during the day. You can also enjoy the beautiful natural scenery while relaxing on the beach.

5. Relax Enjoying Twilight

Echo Beach tourist attractions are limited by rocks. On this rock, many tourists sit back and enjoy the charm senja.

Taking photos when the sun goes down will produce interesting photos. Especially in this digital age, most people definitely want to post vacation photos on social media.

6. Swim in a Small Pool

There are small pools that can be used for swimming with children. So you don't have to worry if you take your kids on vacation. Playing water will be an exciting activity, right? In addition, the level of security is better than playing in the water directly on the beach.

There are many exciting activities that can be done at the Echo Beach tourist attraction. You can play in the water or swim, relax, or play in the sand. If you have a fishing hobby, you can also fish here.

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Echo Beach Fasilitas Facilities

The development of Echo Beach is so fast. In the past, only Echo Beach Club was famous, now there are many other supporting facilities. Such as cafes or restaurants and lodging places.

Beach Location

Echo Beach is located on Jalan Batu Mejan Canggu, North Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali. From Ngurah Rai Airport it takes about 1 hour.

That's the charm of Bali's Echo Beach tourism. Its strategic location close to other beautiful beaches makes this spot much visited. Are you also interested in coming here?


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