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Electronic Tickets in Bali

Electronic Tickets in Bali

Electronic Tickets in Bali – To support the smooth running of tourism, many tourism actors in Bali provide various transportation services. One of which is Vehicle Rental Services for Motorbikes and cars.

Quoting the page detikcom, Implementation of electronic tickets in Bali today, Monday (28/11/2022).

Following this, vehicle rental owners on the Island of the Gods are advised to diligently check the Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) ticket application.

Bali Electronic Ticketing

Possible Misconduct During Rental – Following the implementation of electronic ticketing in Bali, violations on the highway will not immediately result in a ticket on the spot. So, what if the rental vehicle commits a violation while it is still in the renter's hands?

Responding to this confusion, the Head of the Bali Police's Head of Sub-Directorate for Gakkum Ditlantas, Kompol Rahmawaty Ismail, gave an explanation. He asked rental vehicle owners in Bali to monitor their vehicles in the Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) application.

This monitoring is necessary, considering that rental vehicles are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

“It has been prepared on the national ETLE app PlayStore, please download it there. There, check with the DK of our vehicle, whether during the time of the rental he had an ELTE violation or not," he said at the Bali Police Headquarters, Tuesday (22/11/2022).

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So you don't run up, ask the renter to pay

Bearing this in mind, if a rental vehicle is subject to an electronic ticket in Bali, you can ask the renter to take responsibility when returning the vehicle.

This appeal is, of course, so that rental owners do not suffer losses. "He (the rental entrepreneur) can check, if he checks that there has been an ETLE action there, when the car or vehicle is turned over, he automatically has to immediately convey it to the person borrowing the vehicle to complete it. "So he (the owner) didn't pay the bill," he added.

Lazy Checks, Fines Pay Yourself

On the other hand, if the renter has left for his country or city of origin and the vehicle is subject to an electronic ticket in Bali, the vehicle owner must be responsible. “So what we record is vehicle owner data.

"That's why there is responsibility, if he (the owner) is negligent there, he is not aware of his vehicle, then he will pay the fine," he explained again.

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Meanwhile, the Head of Public Relations (Kabid Humas) of the Bali Police, Kombes Stefanus Satake Bayu Setianto, said that there would be a vehicle blocking if the owner of the vehicle reluctant pay a fine.

In other words, the vehicle will have 'bodong' status. “The data (violation data) will definitely be sent to the violators. But if you don't pay, your vehicle will be blocked. vehicle registration"It's temporarily blocked as long as you don't make a payment," he said.

If the vehicle wants to pay tax, Kompol Rahma added that it needs to unblock it first.

The way to do this is by paying the electronic ticket fines in Bali that are in arrears. "When paying vehicle tax or samsat, he must first unblock the ticket, pay the fine first and then he can continue," he added. (y)


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