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Recommended Flores Tourist Attractions

Recommended Flores Tourist Attractions

Here we provide 7 recommendations for Flores tourist attractions that are mandatory for those of you who like to travel. In the past, Flores was rarely visited by people for vacation.

But now many people are increasingly curious about its natural beauty. Curious what Flores tourist attractions should you? Let's see the review below.

Flores tourism
Variety of tours in Flores

Tour Komodo island Flowers

Komodo island
Photo by Fikarina Tasya

Well, the recommendation for the first Flores tourist spot that you should visit is Komodo island. Of course, the Komodo Island area itself is a nature reserve of the Komodo National Park. You need to know that the life of the Komodo dragon on this island is really awake, you know.

Although this animal looks calm, but you still have to be vigilant. Because Komodo dragons have saliva which contains deadly bacteria.

Padar Island Flowers

Padar Island
Photo by The Blonde Abroad

Did you know that this island offers a natural charm that is so beautiful. This Flores tour has a hill as the best vantage point to see the surrounding landscape.

Komodo EYE Ship

To get to the location of Padar Island, Travela can arrange a program, to be precise live board or stay on top komodo eye ship with 2 days 1 night program.

What is certain is that the scenery available is really beautiful with a combination of a sturdy island and a blue sky that makes you feel more at home on this island.

Kelimutu Lake Flowers

Lake Kelimutu Flores
Photo by Flckr.com

This one lake is no less popular as well as Komodo National Park. Why? It is clear because Lake Kelimutu is one of the icons in Indonesian rupiah currency. There is something unique about this lake.

Yes, the uniqueness of Lake Kelimutu is because this lake has three colors. There are white, red, and blue. To visit Lake Kelimutu, the location is in Pemo Village, precisely in Kelimutu District, Ende.

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Rinca Island Flowers

Rinca Island Tour
Photo by boatcharterkomodo

While in this Flores tourist spot, one of the activities that is quite popular is trekking while you enjoy its natural beauty. No different from Komodo Island, here you can also see Komodo dragons.

Rinca Island is also part of the Komodo National Park. Well, if Banyuwangi has a field, savana in the Baluran area, the western part of Flores has a savanna like in Africa.

Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island Flores
Photo by Widya

Well, the next island that is no less popular is Kanawa Island. Kanawa Island was initially less well known. But this island has now been used as one of the recommended choices for Flores tourist attractions that you must visit as travelers.

For its own area, Kanawa Island has an area of ​​up to 32 hectares. From Labuan Bajo, the island is only 10 kilometers away.

Activities that you can do on Kanawa Island are snorkeling at the pier to trekking around the island. How, quite interesting isn't it? This place is indeed quite suitable for those of you who want to see and enjoy the vast natural beauty.

Liang Bua Cave

Liang Bua Flores Cave
Photo by Atlas Obscura

Did you know that Liang Bua itself has a meaning which means as a cool hole. Well, that's how the local people call this Flores tourist attraction. Liang Bua Cave began to be discovered in the 1930s.

Even the remains of ancient humans were also found. Liang Bua Cave has now become one of the most important ancient sites in the world. It is clear because of the discovery of the Flores man.

Lake Sano Nggoang

Lake Sano Nggoan Flores
Photo by Kaskus

Water color of Lake Sano Nggoang it is quite beautiful because it is natural green in color. Makes nature look so enchanting. This lake has an area of ​​up to 513 hectares.

The lake is also still surrounded by forests. That way Lake Sano Nggoang becomes one of the choices of ecotourism destinations that you definitely shouldn't miss.

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How, there are lots of Flores tourism options, right? Come on, invite your friends and relatives to visit some of the tourist options above. Happy holidays.


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