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The Dream of Foreign Tourists

tourist's dream destination

There are several tourist attractions dream of foreign tourists in Indonesia. The dream tourist destination of foreign tourists has very beautiful natural scenery.

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The charm of Indonesia is not in doubt. Not only domestic tourists, but it turns out that many foreign tourists also admire our country's tourism.

Many foreign tourists come to Indonesia to enjoy the nature of Mother Earth.

Foreign Tourist's Dream Destination

Here are a series of tourist attractions favored by foreign tourists.

1. Raja Ampat

The natural beauty of Raja Ampat is incomparable. Many foreign tourists make this tour as their destination.

Even though it was a long and tiring journey. In fact, the beautiful natural charm of Raja Ampat is able to relieve fatigue.

One of the favorite spots in Raja Ampat is Pianemo Hill. Here, foreign tourists can enjoy the waves and clear sea water. The view of the small island clusters makes the scenery even more beautiful.

The unique thing that is one of the attractions of Raja Ampat is the Raja Ampat Maritime Festival. Raja Ampat has 4 main islands, namely Batanta Island, Waigeo Island, Salawati Island and Misool Island.

2. Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo, which is located in NTT, is a destination that is always crowded with foreign tourists. Even the Indonesian government is doing a massive promotion so that this tourist spot is known by many people in various parts of the world.

Labuan Bajo's nature is so beautiful. Various natural charms such as exotic beaches, lakes, waterfalls to the savanna can be enjoyed by tourists.

3. Nusa penida

Nusa Penida is a small island in Bali. Many say that Nusa Penida is a hidden paradise. Many foreign tourists deliberately spend time in Nusa Penida.

Beautiful nature, relaxing atmosphere, and fresh air. All of this makes many people feel at home in NUsa Penida.

Here tourists can snorkel, surf, and scuba diving.

4. Nihiwatu Beach, Sumba

In East Nusa Tenggara, there is also Nihiwatu Beach, Sumba. In fact, this place got the reader's version of the best beach award magazine travel T+L (Travel+Leisure).

No wonder many Hollywood artists come to this beach. Nihiwatu Beach Sumba has a very beautiful view. An interesting thing to do on this beach is horseback riding.

Yes, you can ride a horse around the beach. In addition, this beach is also a favorite of world-class surfers.

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5. Mount Bromo

Who does not know Mount Bromo. This mountain in East Java has a beautiful nature. From the top of Bromo, you can see Mount Semeru and Mount Tengger.

Many tourists from abroad are fascinated by the natural scenery at Mount Bromo.

The visitors will usually go up to the top of Bromo in the morning so they can enjoy the sunrise. The sunrise view here is very beautiful.

In addition, there are still other interesting spots that visitors can enjoy.

Those are 5 dream tourist destinations for foreign tourists. If foreign tourists are willing to come all the way to Indonesia, when will it be your turn?

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