Foreign Tourists in Bali Increase, Dominated from Australia

Foreign Tourists in Bali Increase

Gotravela Indonesia will invite Travel buddy take a peek at the info from Bali. This time the number of foreign tourists in Bali increased, dominated by Australia.

Foreign Tourist Bali Australia

Quoted from detik. travel (6/8/2022), the number of foreign passengers served at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport.

The increase reached up to 42% in July this year compared to the previous month. The number of foreign tourists in Bali penetrated 518.620 international passengers.

Furthermore, the General Manager of Bali's I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, Handy Heryudhitiawan, said that most of the passengers came from Australia. Following behind are Singapore with 128.283 passengers and Malaysia with 69.338 passengers.

In addition to the two neighboring countries, foreign tourists from India are also quite high, followed by foreign tourists from Britain in fifth place. "Australian foreigners are also the most foreigners entering the island of Bali with 83.363 people.

Furthermore, there were 18.242 Indian citizens and 16.056 British citizens who came to the island of Bali during the month of July," Handy said in a written statement received on Friday (5/8/2022) as reported by detik. travel.

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Domestic Tourists Dominated from Jakarta

Meanwhile, for domestic routes in the same period, the most passengers were from Jakarta with 451.791 people. Adrift quite a lot, the most domestic passengers in the next Ngurah Rai came from Surabaya with a total of 115.716 people. Then, passengers from Makassar as many as 49.001 people.

If it is calculated for both domestic and international routes, in July 2022, Ngurah Rai Airport will serve 1.315.200 passengers. This figure shows an 18% increase in foreign tourists in Bali compared to the second calculation in June. Meanwhile, for the total number of passengers from January to July 2022 I PT Angkasa Pura I already serving 5.612.777 passengers.

New Route to Balikpapan

For information, Ngurah Rai Airport as the main entrance for foreign and domestic tourists has 21 domestic flight routes and 21 routes for international flights. International routes serve flights to 12 countries supported by 23 airlines. For domestic flights, Ngurah Rai Airport continues to improve service routes.

The latest, there is a Ngurah Rai route service to Balikpapan. "Then there is an additional domestic route at Ngurah Rai Airport, namely Indonesia Air Asia with the aim of Balikpapan. Of course, this is also a factor for the increasing trend of international and domestic passengers at Ngurah Rai Airport, "added Handy.

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Furthermore, Hendy expressed his hope that the upward trend of both local and international travelers in Bali could continue to be maintained. He also hopes that his party will be able to reach the target of 9 million passengers at Ngurah Rai Airport. "We hope that the trend of increasing the number of air travelers, both domestic and international on the island of Bali, can continue to be maintained by all parties. We are optimistic that Ngurah Rai Airport's target to serve 9 million passengers can be realized soon," he concluded. (y)

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