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Fresh Beach Kuta Lombok

fresh beach destination kuta

Seger Beach Destination Kuta is a tourist spot in Central Lombok. The location of Seger Beach Kuta Lombok is in Sukadane, Pujut, Central Lombok, NTB.

fresh beach kuta lombok
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From Kuta Lombok, the distance to this tourist attraction is around 2 km. These two tours are on 1 coastline. Of course Kuta Beach Lombok very popular. Many people already know this tourist spot.

You can Lombok Car Rental to go to this beautiful beach. But make no mistake. Seger Beach Kuta is no less beautiful than Kuta Lombok beach. What is the charm of this beach like? Let's discuss it.

One of the attractions of Kuta Seger Beach is the beautiful view. Apart from that, there is a unique story that has developed in the community. The story of the Legend of the Princess and the Nyale tradition that circulates in the local community.

Kuta Fresh Beach Attractions

What is the beauty of this beach? Here are some of them that you can find

Place For Snorkeling and Surfing

The waves on this beach are perfect for surfing. The waves on this beach are moderate. So not too fierce, but not too calm either. So it is very suitable for surfing.

Then, visitors can also enjoy the amazing underwater world by snorkeling.

Under the sea there are many types of beautiful coral reefs. Various types of interesting fish can also be found here.

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Beautiful Natural Scene

The main attraction of Kuta Lombok's Seger Beach is the charm of its beautiful views. There is a natural atmosphere that is still very natural here. You could even say that this beach sand is unique. There are also unique hills.

On this beach tour you can see Tengkong Stone at low tide.

If you come to this beach in the dry season, you can see the mountain scenery clearly.

Because there is no cloudy fog, so the charm of the mountain is very clear. This view will be more beautiful when there is a sunrise or sunset.

But that does not mean in the rainy season the scenery around is not good. Even though there was fog, the atmosphere was different. You will feel the cool air and green scenery that refreshes the eyes.

Smell Ritual

What is the Bau Nyale ritual? Nyale is a local myth that sea worms are the incarnation of Princess Mandalika. Therefore, from February to March, residents look for sea worms as much as possible.

Furthermore, these worms are cooked into delicious food preparations. Anyone can participate. Not only local residents, but tourists can join too ritual this.

The story of Princess Mandalika Nyale, Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok

Facilities on the Beach

Facilities at Kuta Seger Beach are quite adequate. There are food stalls, ample parking, toilets, bridges, simple inns, rest areas, and huts.

Various accommodation options to spend the night on this beach are available. There are Novotel Lombok, Villas, Aerotel Tastura, Pipe Dream, and Siesta House.

Location and Route

Seger Kuta Beach is located in Sukadane, Pujut, Central Lombok, NTB. To get to this tour, from Lombok International Airport it takes 30 minutes to travel.

But if from the city of Mataram it takes about 1 hour. You can use Google Maps on your phone. If you get lost, you can ask local residents.

You can choose to rent a motorbike or car for easier transportation access. By renting a motorbike or car, you can go to several places freely. If calculated, it will be much more efficient than taking a taxi or other public transportation.

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Seger Beach Kuta Lombok is a suitable tourist destination for relaxing. You can also take your little one on vacation here.


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