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G20 Summit Gala Dinner | Very Indonesian Gala Menu!

G20 Summit Gala Dinner

G20 Summit Gala Dinner – Dinner events or Gala Dinner at GWK became the conclusion of the first day of the G20 Summit on Tuesday (15/11/2022). The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf), Sandiaga Uno also mentioned a variety of menu offerings for heads of state and delegates to the G20 Summit.

Citing page Kumparan com (16/11/2022), culinary from the Archipelago which features as a menu Gala Dinner The G20 Summit is not only from Bali, but from various regions in Indonesia.

Summit Gala Dinner Appetizers

As Gala Dinner in general, on Gala Dinner G20 Summit no appetizers or appetizer, main courses or mains and desserts or dessert.

Minister Sandiaga said the opening menu uses rujak with various fruits from Indonesia, ranging from mangoes, seaweed, yam, to grapefruit. Don't forget the Island of the Gods' special dipping sauce is here to complement the rujak.

There are also clams and soft shell crabs with cakes made from crab meat and corn typical of Manado, North Sulawesi. Furthermore, Sandiaga said that the various appetizer menus show Bhineka Tunggal Ika.

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The main food

For the main menu Gala Dinner The G20 Summit originates from the Super Priority Destinations (DSP). The menu includes Wagyu beef from Lampung combined with rendang spices typical of West Sumatra.

Complementing the dish, there are mashed cassava and steamed potatoes. Apart from that, there are also young carrots with Likupang sauce garnished with gravy turmeric typical Island of the Gods. Balado eggplant porridge is also included join in on the main menu line.

Closing Menu

A number of legit and savory foods from various regions in Indonesia make up the closing menu Gala Dinner The.

Several menus dessert These include chocolate pudding from Aceh, rice biscuits, mango jam, black glutinous rice with grated coconut and mango jam.

"This is what will accompany us tonight, creative economy products, culinary pride and for souvenirs are small bags and typical ceramics from Jenggala, creative economy products from Bali," said Sandiaga in a statement last night to the media crew.

Meanwhile, on the mat Gala Dinner The G20 Summit last night was even more lively with cultural performances in the form of dances and songs. Call it like, Garuda Paksi dance, Kecak, as well as Bujang Ganong who served as entertainment for heads of state and delegations.

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Deer Dance

Apart from that, there were also dances of Deer, Pecak, Butterflies and Hornbills to accompany the performance of the song Damai. In the third performance, there were performances of typical Indonesian drums, namely Sundanese, Beleq and Dol drums.

The Betawi Mask Dance, Belian Bawo, Randai, Lala Dance, and Papua Dance also accompanied the show. In closing, there will be Fan dance, Umbrella dance, and dangdut music to accompany the song Malam Indah. (y)

G20 Summit Gala Dinner Archipelago Menu


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