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Geger Sawangan Beach Meet a Unique Spot

Geger Sawangan Beach Bali

Geger Sawangan Beach Bali, one of the tourist spots in Bali which offers enchanting beauty.

Charming white sand that sparkles like pearls when the sun shines.

Touring around the beach while riding a camel? You have to try it on this beach.


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Bali is one of the tourist destinations that seems to hold a giant magnet that continues to attract tourists to keep coming and never feel bored.

The beauty that each tourist spot provides will not disappoint tourists because they have come to visit there. One of the interesting destinations to visit is Geger Sawangan Beach, Bali.

Geger Sawangan Beach Bali has white sand which when exposed to the sun's rays will sparkle and you don't get this on other beach resorts.

Geger Sawangan Beach
Geger Sawangan Beach

Location of Geger Sawangan Beach

The location of this beach is in Sawangan Village, Nusa Dua. If taken from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, the journey takes around 30 minutes. Then from the airport, take the direction to Nusa Dua.

When you arrive at the intersection in the Nusa Dua gate area, turn right to the South Nusa Dua area. Don't make the wrong turn because if you turn left you will pass through Jalan Pratama Tanjung Benoa which is the center of the game Watersports in Bali.

This beach is located about 3 km after the BTDC area and access to enter there is a choice of two roads. For the first road before the Mulia Bali hotel and the other entering after the Mulia hotel.

If you are a hotel guest, you will have easier access because there is a private beach in the hotel area.

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Beach Attractions

View of Geger Sawangan Beach

When you arrive at the location, you will see a temple called Pura Dalem Geger. The beauty of Geger Sawangan Beach can look very charming if you enjoy it from a height through this temple.

If you want to go to the beach, you can walk a little further. On the north coast, you will find the private beach Mulia Hotel.

Meanwhile, if you walk to the south, you will go to a beach with natural coral decorations. Beautiful and charming scenery awaits you at Geger Sawangan Beach.

The calm and peaceful atmosphere is the main attraction for tourists who want to truly unwind on holiday.

The calm and shallow waves make this beach always the choice of tourists who come with their children. Located exactly in front of the Bali Nikko hotel which is still part of the South Kuta area.

Another thing that really makes you feel at home on this beach is that the beach area is really clean because there are lots of cleaning staff who keep the beach clean.

There are lots of things you can do on this beach. For example, taking a walk to enjoy the beauty of the beach in a calm atmosphere, sunbathing, swimming and playing Kanano.

Characteristics of Geger Sawangan Beach

Geger Sawangan Beach has characteristics that other beach attractions may not have. That is, you can enjoy the beauty of this beach while riding around on a camel.

Yep, you can find camels, which are actually typical desert animals, on this beach. Unique, right?


Apart from that, on this beach you can also find seaweed farmers. This adds a natural impression to this beach even though it is flanked by luxury resorts.

You can see farmers harvesting the seaweed they cultivate. Of course this is entertainment for you.


Seaweed cultivation on Geger Sawangan Beach is also an indication that the beach environment is still very well maintained.

It is very rare to find residents around luxury resorts who still carry out traditional activities. You can find this kind of atmosphere at Geger Sawangan Beach.

If you are satisfied enjoying the natural beauty of Geger Sawangan Beach, you can also continue your tour to Sawangan Beach to see the beauty and other uniqueness of this beach.

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Bali is indeed a very satisfying place to be a tourist destination. All fatigue will disappear and you will be ready to return to busy activities. Not only that, you will also get unforgettable memories if you vacation on this island.

That's a little information about Geger Sawangan Beach which has natural beauty in all its serenity. Hopefully this is useful and happy holidays.


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