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Maros Pangkep Geopark is included in the UNESCO Global Geopark

Maros Geopark

Good news coming from South Sulawesi. Yes, the Maros-Pangkep Geopark is included in the UNESCO Global Geopark. Quoted from page sulselprov go id (8/9/2022) This decision was taken at the UNESCO Geopark Council Meeting in Satun, Thailand.

For this achievement, the Governor of South Sulawesi, Andi Surdirman Sulaiman, also expressed his gratitude. "Thank God, the Maros-Pangkep Geopark at the UNESCO Geopark Council meeting in Satun Thailand has been approved and recommended as a new member of UNESCO Global Geopark," he said.

Geopark Maros Regency Government

The number one person in South Sulawesi also conveyed his appreciation to the South Sulawesi Provincial Tourism Office and various related parties for the UNESCO Recommendation.

"Thank you to the South Sulawesi Province Culture and Tourism Office, Maros District Government, Pangkep Government.

"Maros-Pangkep National Geopark Management Agency, as well as the support and hard work of all parties and levels of Maros and Pangkep society," he added.

Although the Maros-Pangkep Geopark is currently included in the UNESCO Global Geopark. However, the official determination will only be carried out through the UNESCO Session in March 2023 in Paris, France.

Before finally being included in the list, UNESCO had carried out various assessments through a number of visits by two UNESCO Global Park Evaluators.

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The Second Largest Karts Area in the World

For information, Maros Pangkep Geopark is an earth park that has green natural scenery with cliffs and even karst rocks that resemble giant pillars.

Administratively, this earth park is located in two districts, namely Maros Regency and Pangkajene Islands Regency or what is familiarly called Pangkep.

Present as the second largest karst park in the world after a similar park in China, this geopark, which is approximately 27-30 km from Makassar, not only has a complete landscape with various flora and fauna in it, but also has scientific and socio-cultural values.

Exciting Tourist Attractions

Not only is it a protected area, the Maros-Pangkep Geopark is also an exciting tourist spot. If Travela buddy Visiting this place will be treated to an expanse Karst wide with tall rocks rising as if supporting the sky.

The landscape is increasingly attractive with green plants covering this area. Its beauty is increasingly complete thanks to the existence of the Leang-leang cave, which is a prehistoric site. This cave where ancient humans lived looks unique with ancient paintings that are 40 thousand years old.

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In the Maros-Pangkep Geopark area there are also millions of species of butterflies flying freely in nature and are known as the 'Kingdom of Butterflies'. The beauty of the various butterflies is precisely in the area Bantimurung National Park-Bulusaraung.

In this area, apart from being able to see karst mountains, Prehistoric and Butterfly Caves, you can also see the unique Bantimurung waterfall. Unlike most waterfalls which usually flow in an upright and steep position, Bantimurung waterfall looks slightly sloping with a height of only 15-20 meters. (y)


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