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The charm of Gili Petelu

gili petelu charm

The charm of Gili Petelu is very beautiful. Gili Petelu Lombok is an uninhabited island. The atmosphere is natural with beautiful views. This place is also a paradise for snorkeling activities.

Lombok famous for its amazing tourist charm. There are many beautiful dyke or small islands here. Uniquely, each dyke has its own characteristics. One of them is the very beautiful charm of Gili Petelu.

Even though it's not very popular, don't underestimate its beauty. The charm of Gili Petelu is no less charming Gili Trawangan which is very popular.

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Many visitors choose to travel to Gili. That's because Gili is a tourist spot that has beautiful views, attractive beaches and waves, as well as a very enchanting underwater world.

Gili Petelu Attractions

The charm of Gili Petelu is beyond doubt. There are many attractions that can attract tourists to come here. Following are the attractions of Gili Petelu:

1. The Most Beautiful Snorkeling Spot

One of the specialties of Gili Petelu is its beautiful underwater natural charm. You will see beautiful coral reefs whose color is bright green. There are also various types of fish, starfish, octopus and so on.

The sea water is very clear so you can see the underwater clearly. Looks very beautiful. Visitors don't need to worry because the waves are calm so they are safe. The depth is only around 1,5-2,5 meters. Very suitable as a snorkeling place.

2. Sprawling Pepper-like Sand

Around the beach there is a wide stretch of white sand. The texture is like pepper. People call it pepper sand. The vast expanse of sand looks beautiful. Truly pleasing to the eye.

If you come here you can go around Gili on foot. Walking on sand with a texture like pepper will give you a special sensation. This island is small so it doesn't take long to surround it. Only about 10 minutes.

3. Clear and Sparkling Seawater

The charm of Gili Petelu makes anyone feel at home here for a long time. The stunning expanse of sea can make tourists feel at ease. Moreover, the sea water is also very clear. So that the underwater beauty can be seen clearly.

If sea water is exposed to sunlight, there is a beautiful sparkling reflection. As if like gemstone sparkling.

4. The Sandy Road Appears When the Water is Low

When the sea water recedes, you will find a sandy road. This road separates Gili Petelu from a small hill.

But when the tide is high, this sandy road will be covered with water. So if you look like a dyke and a hill separated by the ocean.

Many tourists take advantage of this moment by walking along the road in the middle of the split sea.


Gili Petelu is located in Sekaroh Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara.

 Even though it is not as popular as Gili Trawangan, this Gili is quite popular. That's because of its strategic location. Namely close to the Pink Beach tourist attraction.

Visitors will rent a boat on the beach and then go around enjoying the charm of Gili Petelu and other tourist attractions.

Let's read too

Available Facilities

The charm of Gili Petelu is still very natural. This small island is uninhabited. So the facilities available are minimal. Moreover, the location is not that wide.

On this Gili the atmosphere is still very natural. You will find wild plants and animals here. There are only facilities in the form of snorkeling equipment rental services and rental services.

Hot News

If you want to stay, you can spend the night at a hotel which is located about 6 km from Gili Petelu. This inn is located in Sekaroh, Jerowaru, East Lombok.

That is information about the charm of Gili Petelu. Hopefully it's useful. Come on, prepare everything well if you want to go on holiday to Gili Petelu Lombok.


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