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Gitgit Waterfall

Gitgit Bali Waterfall

Gitgit Waterfall is one of the favorite tourist destinations for tourists. Gitgit Waterfall is located in Buleleng, Bali. Wow, what kind of charm of beauty? Let's discuss.

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Buleleng Regency is a paradise for beautiful and exotic natural attractions. In this area, you can find a number of attractive tourist attractions.

Its nature which consists of beautiful hills is able to attract tourists. One of the famous of this place is the charm of the waterfall.

There are at least 16 waterfalls ?️ in Buleleng Regency. One of the famous ones is the Gitgit waterfall in Gitgit Village. People call it Campuhan Waterfall, or Gitgit Twin Waterfall.

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The Enchantment of Gitgit Waterfall

To get to the location of the waterfall, you have to travel by foot for 20 minutes. This journey will pass through the path and down the stairs.

During the trip, you will be treated to natural scenery that is still very beautiful. The surroundings are really well maintained. Your eyes will see the shady trees. The sounds of insects will also accompany your journey to the waterfall.

After treading this path, you will hear the roar of the waterfall. Gitgit Waterfall has a height of 48 meters.

Under the waterfall, you will see many rocks that are not uniform in size. The waterfall that falls around the rocks is very clear.

1. Water Play

The interesting thing that visitors usually do is play in the water under the waterfall. The water is very clear and refreshing. The depth is quite shallow.

It is just, water discharge quite heavy so you always have to be careful. Especially when playing water in the rainy season. Water discharge may suddenly rise.

2. Take pictures

Don't miss taking pictures around the waterfall. The natural beauty around the waterfall is really still very beautiful. You can take pictures in front of the waterfall.

This photo with a waterfall background is very beautiful. In addition, you can also choose to take pictures near the bridge near the waterfall.

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Location of Gitgit Waterfall

Gitgit Waterfall is located on Jalan Bedugul Singaraja, Gitgit, Sukasada, Buleleng, Bali. If you want to go to this tourist attraction, the intended access is very easy. The location is close to the highway that connects Denpasar, Bedugul and Singaraja.

Operational hour

Visitors are free to come anytime at any time. This attraction is open 24 hours in 7 days.

Gitgit Waterfall is located in a mountainous area. The road is up and down and winding so you have to be extra careful. You can rent a motorbike or rent a car to go to this tourist spot.

There are many car rental services to choose from with various price variations. Make sure to choose the best one so that your trip will be more enjoyable.

After arriving at the Gitgit Waterfall parking area, you still have to continue the journey on foot. You just walk as far as 50 meters. The road that is passed is in the form of stairs decorated with paving stones. For the safety of visitors, this road has an iron barrier on the outskirts as a handrail.

Let's Read

Gigit Waterfall Facilities

For the facilities it is quite okay. The management has provided complete facilities for the convenience of tourists. Such as bathrooms and changing areas, parking areas, several food and souvenir stalls, and gazebos.

The charm of the Gitgit Waterfall is indeed beautiful. With natural conditions that are still beautiful, this place is suitable for calming down. Don't forget to come in the dry season so that the road is not slippery.


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