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Green Canyon Indonesia Enjoy the Magnificent Adventure

Indonesian green canyons

Enjoy the Magnificent Adventure in Green Canyon Indonesia

Green Canyon Indonesia

Have you ever heard about the Grand Canyon? It's one of the amazing areas that ever discovered.

You can find and see this natural rock formation in Arizona, US. However, there is another one that has a similar magnificence, and you can find it in Indonesia.

It's called green canyon indonesia. The name is different. And, as the name implied, this place consists of beautiful lavish green rock and cliff structure, you can enjoy while exploring it.

Green Canyon Indonesia

Where Can We Find It?

The place that is also known as Undiscovered Green Canyon can be found in Ciamis regency, West Java, Indonesia. Locals call it Cukang Taneuh.

The exact location of this green canyon Indonesia is the Cijulang River in Kertayasa Village and Batukaras Village. Batukaras Village itself also has Batukaras Beach that has become one of the best beaches you can visit.

Moreover, Green Canyon is also quite close to Pangandaran Beach. So, if you plan to have another adventure, it will be much easier.

Green Canyon Indonesia is located in a village called Kertayasa. Cijulang District, Ciamis, West Java. From the city of ciamis it takes another 130 km to get to the location of this green canyon. But the location is much closer if from Pangandaran the distance is only 31 km. Green canyon is located in the Batukaras tourist area of ​​Nusawiru airport. The starting point to enjoy the beauty of the Green Canyon is from the Cijulang river.

To reach the Green Canyon, you need to drive for around 130 km from Ciamis city. Or, if your departure from Pangandaran, you can arrive here faster, as it's only 31 km far from this city.

Green Canyon is one of the tourism spots in the Nusawiru airport area. So, it is much easier to reach from both cities. 

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What Can You Find in Green Canyon

First of all, the Cijulang River flows through the green canyon Indonesia. You will use this river as the route to explore this amazing place. The starting point of your adventure will be also situated in the Cijulang River.

You ride a traditional boat called "tinkering" It's a unique boat made of wood that can take you calmly and peacefully enjoying the beauty of this place.

Canyon West Java

30 minutes after you start your adventure, prepare yourself for the beautiful scenery of Green Canyon. There is a reason why it uses "green" in its name.

Everything you can see here is dominated by natural green color, even the water.

You can see clear natural green water in this river. However, on a rainy day, the water mostly becomes murky because of the soil. 

The green canyon indonesia is also a great place to see various types of flora and fauna. If you are lucky, you can see some of the unique and even endemic animals here, such as lizard and other reptiles' type. Locals also still use this river to fish. So, do not hesitate to greet them, if you meet them during your adventure.

Make sure you also see the rock and cliff formations surrounding the Cijulang River. On the first part of the river, at the entrance gate, you can see that the river is split into two.

It creates some epic scenery you don't want to miss. And, if you look carefully, you can easily tell why this place is called green canyon Indonesia. 

The cliff shape is similar to the Grand Canyon you can find in Arizona, US. This is one of the reasons why this place is popular and attracts many people. Of course, the beautiful scenery of this place is undeniable.

How to Go There

As mentioned above, you can start your trip from Ciamis or Pangandaran. However, if you use international flights and land on Jakarta, you can also go directly from there. It will be a long trip and take around 8 hours.

You can visit green canyon indonesia during its operational hour, which is from 10 am to 4 pm Prepare enough cash because you will have a problem to find an ATM.

The rental fee from the boat is 70,000 Rupiah (around $6). Bring extra clothes and a towel, because you will get wet. You can even swim here. 

As for the best time to visit, the dry season is the best choice. There won't be too much rain, so you can enjoy its beautiful turquoise water.

One more important thing, follow the locals' rules, such as you can't say dirty words during your adventure in Green Canyon.

For your convenience, you can take a tour package to visit Pangandaran beach, Batu Hiu Beach, Batukaras Beach and green canyon Indonesia. This will give you a complete set of the best adventure in West Java. 

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Enjoy the Magnificent Adventure in Green Canyon Indonesia

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