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Bangkang Cave, Central Lombok | Bat Nest in Lombok

Bangkang Cave, Central Lombok

Bangkang Cave, Central Lombok is one of the most popular caves in the area Lombok tourism. This cave is one of the exotic caves that you must visit when traveling to Lombok.

Yes, Indonesia has many tourist attractions in the form of exotic caves that will definitely amaze you. This time we will discuss Bangkang Cave. Come on, let's listen.

Bangkang Cave
Photo via Edycacok

Bangkang Cave, Central Lombok

Before we discuss the charm of Bangkang Cave, let's first discuss the location of Bangkang Cave. In terms of location, Bangkang Cave Lombok Tengah is one of the caves which is quite interesting. This is because Bangkang Cave is located near many other tourist attractions.

Bangkang Cave is a cave located in Prabu Village, Central Lombok. This cave is located quite close to several tourist attractions such as Kuta Mandalika beach and also Selong Belanak Beach.

Apart from that, you can reach the location of Bangkang Cave very easily. You can enjoy the beauty of Bangkang Cave just by driving 20 minutes from Lombok International Airport or BIL.

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The attraction of Bangkang Cave 

As previously mentioned, Bangkang Cave is a very exotic cave. This cave is the cave of one of the animals Nocturnal namely Bats. Therefore, you can find thousands of hanging bats when visiting Bangkang Cave.

Lombok's Bangkang Cave
Photo away Lomboktourplus

Apart from having the advantage of having lots of bats that you can find, Bangkang Cave also has other advantages in terms of visuals. One of the best spots in Bangkang Cave is the open cave space at the top through which sunlight passes.

Sunlight penetrating the upper walls of this cave makes the cave look very attractive. The sunlight that enters this cave is then called divine light.

The beauty of the cave with its divine light makes Bangkang Cave one of the caves with the most tourist destinations in Lombok.

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In addition to the attraction of a beautiful cave with divine light that penetrates the cave walls, another interesting thing that distinguishes Bangkang Cave from other tourist caves is the impression of this Bangkang Cave.

Generally, Bat caves have quite scary conditions. This is due to the minimal lighting factor in Bangkang Cave. However, Bangkang Cave turns out to be one of the caves that does not give a scary impression. The scary impression of Bangkang Cave is lost because of the lighting that comes from the top of this cave.

Great facilitiesda in Bangkang Cave 

Then what about the facilities? As a tourist cave, Bangkang Cave is one of the caves that does not have complete facilities. Even though this cave is very beautiful, the management of this cave is still very minimal.

One of the lack of management of this cave you can see from the stairs entering the cave which is quite simple. Bangkang Cave has an entrance staircase with a very simple appearance because it is only made of thin, less sturdy wood. This ladder will become the entrance and exit route from the cave.

As for the location, Bangkang Cave is a cave that you can reach using a fairly difficult road. However, the road to Bangkang Cave is under construction. So, in the future we can hope that Bangkang Cave will be easier to reach.

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Travel tips to Bangkang Cave central Lombok

For those of you who are interested in traveling to the Bangkang Cave, you can travel to the Bangkang Cave, there are several products that you must bring.

  • Mask

Apart from being one of the current Health Protocol standards, when you visit Bangkang Cave you are required to wear a mask. Why? This is because in Bangkang Cave you will not only see the beauty of the cave but will also be treated to the quite strong aroma of bat droppings.

  • Topi

Apart from having stinging droppings, you also need to be careful when walking around under bats. The reason is that you may not only smell this dirt, but it may also contaminate your body. Therefore, it is very important for you to wear a hat when entering this cave.

  • Footwear and flashlight

Furthermore, you should also bring a flashlight as well as strong footwear and a flashlight. We recommend you to use a strong and comfortable riverbed because the soil in the cave is quite soft.

We recommend that you bring a flashlight to help you walk more easily in the dark in the cave.

Oh yes, apart from bringing it from home, you can also buy the equipment above while in front of Bangkang Cave.

In front of the cave you can find many local people selling typical Lombok crafts related to the equipment we previously recommended.

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So that's the review about Bangkang Cave in Central Lombok. For you, especially adventure and challenge lovers, don't forget to come and see the beauty of this cave. Happy holidays.


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