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Mbeliling Mountain

mbeliling mountain

The peak of Mount Mbeliling is an attractive tourist spot for nature lovers.

Its beauty is so extraordinary that it makes many climbers who are interested in conquering the Mbeliling Mountain climbing route.

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Mbeliling Mountain Location

Mount Mbeliling is a mountain located in West Manggarai, precisely in Mbeliling District. In fact, this mountain has been named the highest mountain in the province.

While the protected forest area is very wide located in 3 sub-districts. Namely Komodo District, Mbeliling District and Sano Nggoang District.

Apart from being a protected forest area, the Mbeliling forest is also a water catchment area. The springs originating from Mount Mbeliling are used by residents in 3 sub-districts for their daily needs.

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Trekking to the Peak with Guide

If you want to visit Mount Mbeliling in Labuan Bajo, you can take a plane to the nearest airport. Usually tourists get off at Denpasar Bali Airport. Furthermore, using sea transportation with a long journey time of approximately 4-5 hours.

To climb to the top of this mountain, you should be accompanied by a local guide who already understands the terrain there. A guide will guide you through trekking which can be considered quite difficult.

It is recommended to use a guide for the safety and security of tourists. For that, you need to prepare a budget to use the services of the local guide.

Mbeliling Mountain Peak Tourist Attractions:

1. Become a Habitat for Flora and Fauna

Many flora and fauna live on Mount Mbeliling. The government designated this place as a protected forest area. There is the Flores crow, Kaka Ngkiong, a unique bird with 77 sounds, and 29 other bird species. All these animals are protected so that their numbers do not continue to decline.

In addition to protected animals because their numbers are already rare, in the Mbeliling forest area there are also rare plants ranging from orchids and plants which are still being researched to determine the type of classification.

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2. Exciting Trekking

Many climbers are interested in climbing the Mbeliling Mountain route. This mountain is the highest mountain in East Nusa Tenggara. Once at the top, the charm of the scenery is amazing. But before getting to the top, you have to pass through extreme terrain.

Some of the trekking routes include the villages of Liang, Ndara, Roe, Cunca Lolos and Melo. It is highly recommended to take a local guide who understands the ins and outs of trekking there. So if there are obstacles or obstacles, they can be immediately overcome because they better understand the characteristics of this mountain climbing route.

3. Witness Relics of Antiquity

Not only rich in flora and fauna. In addition to many protected animals, Mount Mbeliling is also a witness and home to the remains of ancient times. Many found fossils of animals and plants that have become extinct millions of years ago.

The extinction of all animals and plants in the past was caused by a giant meteor that fell to earth. Thus causing evolution.

4. Extensive Mbeliling Forest Area

Various flora and fauna exist in the forest of Mount Mbeliling. Because many of them include rare flora and fauna, they are protected.

The forest area is very wide reaching 120 square kilometers. This area is divided into 41,8 km2 area conservation. While the rest are protected forests and monitoring locations.

The research was conducted by an international bird research institute called Birdlife Research. Researchers monitored a variety of animals that were there.

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Mount Mbeliling has natural wealth in the form of various types of flora and fauna. In fact, many of them are rare. If you visit for trekking to the top of the mountain, don't forget to always preserve nature.


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