Used Motorcycle Prices Rise, What Are the Causes and Impacts?

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Want to know why the price of used motorbikes has gone up, what are the causes and effects?

It's no secret that lately the prices for various products have been increasing. Rise in fuel prices no doubt has had an impact on the skyrocketing of various goods. However, there is one item whose price usually drops, but now it has skyrocketed.

Yes, the price of used motorbikes has increased as quoted from Tribunjateng(dot) com (20 / 8 / 2022). You see... how come second hand goods increase in price???? What are the causes and effects? Don't move Travel buddy, Gotravela Indonesia will discuss it in the following article.

The price of a used Honda motorbike has gone up quite a bit

For non-automatic variants, the price of used motorbikes has increased for the Honda Supra variant. The price increase is quite good, reaching IDR 1-2 million per unit.

Following this increase in used motorcycle prices, Travela buddy who are planning to ask for a motorbike second Honda brand, at least have to prepare funds of Rp 10 - Rp 20 million. It should be noted that these prices apply to used Honda motorcycles from 2010 to 2021.

"Actually, it all depends on the conditions. There are cheaper ones, but the quality is not certain. Motor matic (Honda) in good condition and quite new, currently prices start at Rp. 10 million.

The highest price increase now is Scoopy, up to Rp. 2 million. (Scoopy) Released in 2021, used for one year in good condition, costs up to IDR 23 million. The price is still stable from the new price," he said.

However, for Yamaha brand motorcycles, the increase is not as high as Honda. “The lowest price depends. If the Rp 5 million motorbike is occupied by the old Mio, Rp 6 million - Rp 7 million for the old variant," he said.

Cause of increase

Then, what causes the price of used motorcycles to rise? It turns out that the skyrocketing price of used motorbikes was triggered because the purchase of a new motorbike had to pivot long enough for months. In fact, the middle of the year like this is the new school year season—where many parents need new motorbikes for their children to go to school.

As a result of this condition, the demand for used motorbikes has increased. Of course, this has an impact on increasing the price of used motorbikes.

“New motorbike in the, eventually requests run to the former. With a lot of demand, eventually the price will rise, "added Mardiyono again. Apart from the new school year, work activities are back to normal—which were before work from home also affects the needs of the motor.

This was revealed by Agus, the owner of the Top Motor used motorcycle showroom on Jalan Soekarno Hatta, Semarang.

Impact on tourism

Meanwhile, the rising price of used motorcycles also has an impact on the world of tourism. Motorbike rental prices in Bali experienced an increase of around Rp. 10 on the island of Bali. And specifically for Nusa Penida, there has been a quite steep increase, up to 100 percent.

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Price for motorbike rental in Nusa Penida which previously ranged from Rp. 50 thousand, has doubled to Rp. 100 thousand. Good news for Travela buddy yang sedang jalan-jalan di Bali, harga sewa motor di Bali dari Gotravela Indonesia tidak naik.

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Even though tourism is running normally, renting motorbikes in Bali from Gotravela is still at 'Covid' prices, aka not increasing. Contact Gotravela Indonesia for more information. (y)

Used Motorcycle Prices Rise!

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