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Hidden Paradise of Mandorak Beach

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The hidden paradise of Mandorak Beach is one of the interesting tourist spots that you must visit when you go to Sumba. Like a hidden paradise, this beach has the charm of a beautiful and unique view.

Two large rocks that meet are a characteristic of Mandorak Beach that is not found anywhere else.

Mandorak beach tourism

Hidden Paradise Mandorak Beach is a unique beach located in East Nusa Tenggara Province. This tourist attraction is different from beaches in general. The special characteristic of Mandorak is the presence of facing rocks. Then in the middle there is a flow of sea water. There are still other rocks in front of these two rocks. This becomes a barrier to the view of the open sea.

Mandorak Beach Paradise

If you visit the beach, you will usually see a wide view of the sea. But this beach is different. At Mandorak Beach you can't see the vast ocean. Because, there is a large rock blocking it.

Then, what about beach sand? Here you will see sand with an area the size of a coral rock facing each other. The sand on this beach is white sand. There are no big waves on this beach because it is blocked by coral rocks.

The presence of the coral makes the waves spray upwards. This phenomenon is known as Water Blow.

The hidden paradise of Mandorak beach also has the charm of truly extraordinary sea water. There is a color combination of blue and turquoise green.

You can enjoy the stunning natural panorama around the beach by climbing onto the rock. You can see a beautiful view from the top of this rock. Sea water conditions are relatively calm so you don't need to worry.

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On the rock to the left there is a pavilion building. The size of the pavilion or gazebo is wide enough so that it becomes the best spot to unwind.

Supporting facilities at this tourist spot are still relatively minimal. So you should prepare all the supplies from home. Like food and drink.

Beach Location

The hidden paradise of Mandorak beach is in Pero Batang Village, Kodi District, Southwest Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.

Visitors can come to Mandorak Beach with two or four-wheeled vehicles. Yes, the road to the beach is accessible by car. The journey from Pero Batang Village to Mandorak Beach takes about 30 minutes.


Mandorak Beach tourist attractions are still very minimal. Here you can find a gazebo, toilet and parking area. Meanwhile, other supporting facilities are not yet available.

Even so, visitors really like traveling here because the natural conditions are still natural. It is also supported by very beautiful natural conditions.

Unfortunately, there is no lodging available around Mandorak Beach. So visitors can not stay or spend the night on this beach.

Fun Activities

People call Mandorak Beach a hidden paradise. On the beach exotic with a view of these two rocks, you can relax.

Going around the beach by walking along small paths is an exciting activity. The coastline is not too long so tourists will not be too tired.

Don't miss taking photos under these two beautiful large rocks. Most tourists swim under two corals. Then they immortalize it via smartphone.

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Apart from that, you can also do trekking to the rocks. From the top of this rock the sea view is very charming. The eyes can see the vast landscape.

That is the discussion about the hidden paradise of Mandorak Beach in East Nusa Tenggara Province. Hopefully it can be your reference.


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