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Hidden Waterfalls in Lombok 9 Best Recommendations for Lombok

Hidden Waterfall in Lombok

Are you looking for holiday destinations in Lombok? There are several hidden waterfalls in Lombok that could be your choice.

Tourist destinations in Lombok can be said to be no less interesting than the very famous Island of the Gods.

Moreover, now the Lombok Tourism sector is being intensively developed. Are you curious about the waterfalls in Lombok? Let's discuss them one by one.

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Who doesn't know the island of Lombok? The natural allure of this island has spread to various parts of the world.

One of the exotic tourist destinations in this country has a wealth of natural tourism potential ranging from beautiful mountains, various exotic beaches, beautiful sky garden, and also the waterfall which is no less interesting.

Some people even argue that tourism in Lombok is more attractive compared to Bali. Besides Mount Rinjani and beaches, waterfall tourism is also a magnet for tourists in Lombok.

List of Lombok Waterfalls

Many waterfalls are formed in Lombok because of the geographical condition of Lombok Island which is composed of many hills, mountains and plateaus.

Even when you climb Rinjani, you can find dozens of beautiful waterfalls. Not only that, this waterfall tourist attraction is even spread across West, North and Central Lombok.

List of Lombok Waterfalls

The large number of waterfalls is an added value for the destination's potential nature tourism in Lombok.

Are you curious about what waterfalls you will encounter? The following is a brief review of several hidden waterfall tours in Lombok.

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1. Batara Lenjang

This destination is located in Mount Rinjani National Park, Senaru, Bayan, North Lombok. This waterfall is still very natural.

The uniqueness of this waterfall is that it has hot but clear water. Because the location is on the climbing route, to get there you have to take the Mount Rinjani climbing route.

If you intend to visit the Batara Lenjang waterfall, we recommend that you hire someone as a guide.

You can find it at the entrance or bring your colleagues who have visited this place so that security is guaranteed.

2. Apeq Stone Waterfall

Batu Apeq waterfall is also known as Tiu Sampurarung. The location is in Santong Village, Kayangan. This location is approximately 75 km from the center of Mataram city.

The water is very clear and comes from Lake Segara Anak. This waterfall is claimed to be the second highest waterfall in West Nusa Tenggara.

Apeq stone

The very cool atmosphere is of course very suitable for those of you who want to relieve fatigue. You can also play in the water and swim here. Apart from that, camping can also be one of your choices. So, bring adequate equipment.

3. Kerta Ganga

The location of this destination is located in Kertaraharja Hamlet, Genggelang, Gangga, this location is about 42 km from Mataram or it takes about 1,5 hours to travel.

This 3-story waterfall has 2 different levels, namely one at the top, while the other two are side by side at the top, although one of them is a bit hidden.

For those of you who want to enjoy this waterfall, please be careful when traveling.

The road terrain is quite extreme with high inclines, sharp descents and winding routes that require you to walk slowly. However, everything will be worth it when you get to this waterfall.

4. Tiu Bombong

Located in Sempakoq Hamlet, Santong, Kenyangan, this tourist destination has a waterfall height of up to 60 meters and is like a twin waterfall with 2 waterfall streams that have moderate water discharge.

From the city of Mataram, you will travel for 2 hours.

5. Tiu Teja

The location of this waterfall is close to Tiu Bombong because it is just below it and is still located in the same location.

Teja in the local language means rainbow. If the weather is clear, you can see a rainbow. During the rainy season, you will see 2 waterfalls. Meanwhile, during the dry season there is only one waterfall flowing.

Tiu Teja still does not have convenient road access. But it will be a fun trip for those of you who like exploring nature. Also make sure you are in top condition.

6. Tiu Pupas

This waterfall has a height of around 50 meters and underneath there is a pool with an area of ​​around 100 square meters.

Location Tiu Pupas is located in Kerurak, Genggaleng, Gangga, North Lombok. From the city of Mataram, this location is around 70 km.

Tiu Pupas Hidden Waterfall in Lombok

Access to Tiu Pupas is very easy. You don't need to spend extra energy to enjoy this waterfall. Surrounded by steep cliffs, the Tiu Pupas Pool flows again and becomes a river with its enchanting beauty.

7. Crazy Spring Waterfall

This waterfall is also often called Sendang Gile Waterfall. From Mataram, the distance is around 60 km, more precisely in the village of Senaru, Bayan. This waterfall consists of 2 levels with 2 pools and has a height of around 32 m.

The trip to this waterfall will be exciting and enjoyable. The atmosphere of the mountains while following a small river will make your trip very refreshing.

8. Tiu Kelep

Still in North Lombok, Tiu Kelep is perhaps the most famous waterfall in Lombok. The journey to this destination requires you to pass through a tunnel-like road that requires light assistance such as a flashlight.

This waterfall has a height of around 42 meters and has two levels.

The main waterfall has the largest flow of water falling straight down. Meanwhile, the lower level is a smaller stream that flows from the cliffs. They all fall into the same pool.

This pool is perfect for you to use for swimming.

9. Batu Grain Waterfall

This tourist spot is located in Batu Butir, Medas, Gunung Sari. Batu Butir Waterfall consists of 5 waterfalls. Four of them are located close to each other. The first waterfall is about 45 meters high and is hidden behind a hill.

It is not easy to reach this location because you have to use rock climbing equipment. So if you want to visit here, don't forget to have adequate equipment.

Tiu Teja
The Tourism Sector in Lombok is Growing

Recently, Lombok tourism has experienced a very rapid transformation. Plus the increasing access to explore the interior of this island will make Lombok tourism exploration easier. This includes access to several hidden waterfalls in Lombok.

Mandalika, which is located in Central Lombok, is one of five super priority destinations for the Ministry of Tourism in completing infrastructure.

This aims to strengthen the promotion of the Tourism Sector after the Tourism Industry was hit hard by pandemic COVID-19.


In addition, the 2021th series of the 15 MotoGP international event, which will host Mandalika, Praya, Central Lombok, NTB.

This will of course be a very big and profitable opportunity for the tourism sector in Lombok.

This prestigious event is of course also a spur for the local government to develop and upgrade tourist attraction facilities, access to tourist attractions, and various other things that support Lombok's regional tourist attractions.

The waterfall tourist attraction in Lombok will certainly have a huge positive impact. Especially considering how many tourists will come before and after this prestigious event is held.

That's a little information about waterfall attractions in Lombok and the development of the tourism sector. Hopefully useful and can add to your insight. Happy holidays to Lombok.


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