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Honey Fresh Park

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Taman Segara Madu Waterpark is a family tourist spot with complete water rides. Even every Sunday you can feel the sensation of a bubble bath, you know.

Segara Honey Waterpark
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One of the interesting tourist destinations in Bali is the Segara Madu Park. This is a very fun water attractions. You can take your family for a vacation here. Children will definitely like to be invited to travel to water attractions.

This tour in Badung Regency, Bali has 5 swimming pools. The area is about 4.500 meters. You can play water as much as you like here.


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There are many water rides that are ready to pamper you, you know. Immediately, let's discuss together about Bali's Segara Madu Park.

The Attractions of Segara Madu Park

1. There are various swimming pools

There are five pools that have different depths and areas. That way tourists can use the swimming pool as needed.

Swimming pools for children are certainly designed with a great depth shallow. The goal is not to harm when children play in the pool.

2. Various Game Rides

You can find many water rides in this swimming pool. The existence of water rides is certainly fun. There is a slide with a height of 20 meters.

However, there is also a special slide for children. The height is not too high, only 2,5 meters.

Then, there is the spilled bucket ride which really grabs the attention of the children. When the bucket is spilled, the water will splash on the bodies of the children who are under it.

3. Various Balinese Culinary

Are you a foodie? It is mandatory to taste the culinary menu served on this tour. Taman Segara Madu Waterpark provides restaurant facilities with Balinese menus. But you can also find other menus too. There is a menu of western to Chinese food. Guaranteed to make you addicted.

Address and Route to Location

If you want to go to Taman Segara Madu Waterpark, you can search for it with Google Map. The location is on Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, Badung.

This tourist spot is perfect for a vacation with your beloved family. Children can play water to their heart's content.

Adults can also play the available game rides. After being satisfied playing water, then pamper your stomach at a restaurant or food stall at a tourist spot.

If you depart from Seminyak, the travel time is about 15 minutes. Close enough isn't it. The access road is quite easy for private vehicles to pass. So there's no need to worry.

Fun Activities at Waterpark
1. Outing in the Pool

There are fun activities that can be done in the pool. You can try the activity of walking on a floating board. To get past these boards so you don't get too far, you need good body balance.

This activity will feel more exciting if done with a group. There are benefits to training team cohesiveness, you know.

2. Swim

If you come to the Taman Segara Madu swimming pool, surely the main activity that tourists usually do is swim. You can choose which swimming pool you will use. There are five swimming pools available. There is a special pool for adults and children.

The interesting thing here is that those who can't swim can learn to swim. There are even supporting facilities such as rental of life jackets. The process of learning to swim will be even easier if you use this board.

Let's read

3. Bubble Bath

Visitors can feel the sensation of taking a bubble bath in the pool. This activity is certainly very exciting. But bubble bath can only be enjoyed on Sundays. Relax, the foam is made of materials that are safe for both children and adults.

Taman Segara Madu Waterpark has adequate supporting facilities. Starting from complete water games, supermarkets for shopping, toilets, changing rooms, parking lots, gazebos, and so on. Let's schedule a trip to this waterpark for a vacation with family.


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