How to use an automatic car | Important Points for Matic Car

how to use automatic car

Understanding how to use an automatic car is something you must understand before buying this type of automatic car.

Nowadays people generally prefer automatic cars so they don't get tired because the roads are jammed or it's complicated to move the clutch.

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How to Use Car Matic

It's good before someone understands how to use an automatic car to read this article. Learn and proficient in driving a car, you should also be proficient in driving a manual or clutch car.

In addition to being simple to use an automatic car, of course you only need to step on the gas if you want to go fast.

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To be safe for the driver and the automatic transmission is not damaged? No need to be confused. You can simply follow these steps.

Important Points for Matic Cars

Let's understand the important points & how to use automatic cars below

  1. automatic transmission
    In Indonesia, generally the types of automatic transmission which is embedded in a planetary gear set-based car with automatic acceleration shift in stages (AT/Step AT) and CVT (continuously variable transmissions).
  2. Overdrive (OD)
    CVT type automatic transmissions are generally not equipped with buttons overdrive (OD). As for Step AT/AT, the OD button facility is located on the gearshift lever or generally for certain car manufacturers such as Toyota, deactivating OD is simply by sliding the lever to position 3.
  3. Economical & Power
    Not all Use Bali Matic Car equipped with a choice of Economic and Power operating modes.
  4. Mid & Premium
    Some automatic cars with the highest type in their class, or middle and premium class cars, are generally equipped with an automatic manual operation option (tiptronic).
  5. Transmission lever
    That should not be forgotten, every time you shift the shift lever to a certain position, not all shifts take place freely.

    There are times when for certain gear choices or operating modes, when the lever is shifted it feels stuck and you need to press the knob on the lever bar so that the lever is free to move.

It's just a note, when the car is moving and you slide the lever and stuck / stuck, you need to be vigilant.

Do not just immediately pull the knob when the car is running. These are generally designed to prevent unwanted or inappropriate lever shifts.

Because if you force it, it will potentially damage the transmission unit.

  • P Parking
  • R Back off
  • N Neutral
  • D For flat roads or gradual incline (Car can reach maximum speed in this gear)
  • D3 for the road a bit uphill (Most Type Brand Honda)
  • D2 for uphill roads
  • D1 for a full uphill road
How to Use Car Matic

Easy Ways to Use Automatic Cars

There must be general questions about how to use an automatic car such as:

How to use automatic gear?

1. Using P (Park) and N (Neutral)
Make sure the shift lever is in P (parking) or N (neutral) when you start the car engine. Automatic transmissions are generally designed so that the car engine can only be turned on when the lever is in the safe position.
2. After the engine is started, wait a while for the working temperature of the engine and automatic transmission to be reached. 
3. Be sure to depress the brake pedal when shifting the lever/running the car. For example, when shifting the lever from P to R then to N and D, D1, D2, or from D, D1, D2 to N, then to R and vice versa. Braking when shifting lever necessary to avoid potential mechanical damage.
4. To start the journey under normal road conditions, slide the lever to position D (drive) to walk forward and R (backward).

How many types of automatic transmission?

There are 4 types
1. Hydraulic Automatic Transmission
2. Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)
3. Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT)
4. Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)

How to use the lever in the automatic?

To start the journey under normal road conditions, slide the lever to position D (drive) to walk forward and R (backward).

For road conditions uphill, downhill or slippery roads, which require engine braking assistance (engine break), slide the lever to position D2 or 2. If the road is going up very steeply or going down very steeply, shift to position D1, 1 or L

How to operate mode manual?

Use the selected operating mode M (Manual) ~ if this facility is available, when you want to drive an automatic car it is like driving a manual car.

With manual matic facilities (tiptronic or other terms), it allows you to increase and decrease the level of acceleration / gear according to taste.

The trick is to simply slide the lever to the M position (can be when the car stops or when traveling at any speed), then slide the lever to (+) to increase gears or (-) to decrease gears.

For certain cars that are equipped with a shift pedal behind the wheel, after the lever is shifted to M, all you have to do is pull the right (+) pedal to increase gears and the left (-) to lower gears.

More information

Select the Eco or Power operating mode (if available). Economi mode is generally chosen for city road conditions that sometimes get jammed. In addition, to save fuel or you want to drive more relaxed.

In the Economy mode option, the automatic acceleration shift generally takes place earlier. Power mode allows for slower automatic acceleration shifts, so the car can accelerate.

In some types of automatic transmission, the choice of the Power operating mode is generally the same as the choice of the S (Sport) operating mode. 

Using Gear 3

In How to Use a Bali Matic Car, use the OD button or slide the lever to position 3 (if available).

To help you accelerate using 3rd gear, for example to overtake a car when traveling at speeds above 60 km/h, or when eating long inclines that require you to use 3rd gear. 

To use a Bali Matic Car Rental that does not have a manual-matic facility, if you want to do an acceleration/gear shift manually, you can. For example, you start walking from 1/L gear. To increase acceleration, simply slide the lever to 2.

If you want to increase the acceleration to 3rd gear (for automatic cars with PRND 2 L operating options), before moving the lever to D, first press the OD button to OD/OFF. Alternatively, slide the lever to D and then immediately press the OD button.

This is done so that there is no automatic gear shift from 3 to 4. Furthermore, when you want to move to 4th gear, simply press the OD button again. For the PRN D-3 2 1/L automatic car, when you want to move from 2 to 3 gear, you just need to slide the lever from 2 to 3.


WARNING!! Be careful when using a Bali Matic Car Rental when you want to shift the lever from the upper to the lower gear, for example from 3 to 2 then to 1/L. Or from D to 2 then to 1/L. Watch the speed of the vehicle before you shift the lever. Try not at high speed because it has the potential to damage the planetary gear set (gearbox). Generally each automatic transmission has a maximum speed limit at each level of acceleration.

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