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Jayapura Beach Tour

jayapura beach tour

Jayapura Beach Tour is really charming. These 3 Beach Tours in Papua will make your vacation even more enjoyable. The scenery is beautiful and exotic really refreshing the eyes.

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Jayapura, offers the beauty of an amazingly beautiful beach tourism place. In this city there are several beautiful beaches in Jayapura.

3 Beach Tours in Jayapura

There are at least 3 beach tours in Jayapura, Papua which have beautiful and exotic natural scenery.

This is one of them.

1. Hamadi Beach

The beach is very close to the city. So you can easily reach it. The distance from the center of Jayapura City, Papua is 5 km.

If you depart from Sentani airport, you need to travel within 1 hour. The distance is about 30 km. Once you arrive at the beach location, you will see the beauty of the beach that is not inferior to other beaches.

Along the shoreline area, it looks cool with pine trees growing around it. Of course it makes a beautiful impression.

Not far from the beach there is also a thriving mangrove forest. At this Jayapura beach resort, tourists can do various exciting activities. For example, swimming on the beach or just sitting and relaxing enjoying the breeze.

There is no entrance fee to Hamadi Beach. So you can enter for free or free.

You only need to pay the parking fee. The parking fee for two-wheeled vehicles is Rp. 10.000. While the four-wheel parking fee is Rp. 50.000.

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2. Base G . Beach

Base G Beach is located in North Jayapura District, Jayapura City, Papua. The distance from the city center is about 20 km. travel time takes about 38 minutes.

Actually the naming of this beach with the Base G name comes from its function. In the past, this beach functioned as a home base for allied forces during the World Parang II era.

All the allied forces would gather on this beach before they fought. In ancient times, allied forces fought Japanese troops in the Philippines.

Base G Beach is a Jayapura beach tour which has a beautiful stretch of white sand. Every visitor who comes here will surely be amazed by its beauty.

On this beach, tourists can swim or just sit and relax on the beach. In addition, visitors who like fishing can channel their hobbies here. There is a fishing spot you know on this beach.

The entrance fee to Base G Beach is Rp. 50.000 for four-wheeled vehicles. Rp. 20.000 for two-wheeled vehicles.

3. Harlem Beach

Exotic beach tourism in Jayapura is Harlem Beach. The location is in Tablanusu Village, Depapre District, Jayapura.

If you want to go to this beach departing from Jayapura City, you need to travel for 2 hours to Depapre Pier.

Next from this pier you have to cross using a speedboat. Travel time is about 15 minutes. Because of the beauty of Harlem Beach, people often refer to it as a “little paradise” in Papua.

This beach has white sand that stretches wide. Sea water with blue gradations makes it more charming. Because the sea water is clear, you can see various marine life in it.

This is a paradise for snorkeling lovers. The sea water is clear and the marine life is very diverse.

Playing by the beach

In addition to having the attraction of underwater natural charm, this beach is also very cool and comfortable. On the beach there are coconut trees and sago. If you relax on the beach, you will feel cool because of these trees.

Then, there is also a fresh water pool which is about 7 meters from the beach.

In the afternoon, many tourists go to the beach to see the beauty of the sunset. The price of admission to Harlem Beach is Rp. 20.000.

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However, to go to Harlem Beach, tourists have to rent a boat for hundreds of thousands of rupiah. Then tourists also need to rent a cottage there.

Those are 3 Jayapura beach tours that have exotic and beautiful natural scenery. Hopefully it will be useful as your reference when you want to go on vacation.


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