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JungleLand Adventure Theme Park

jungle land waterpark

JungleLand Adventure Theme Park is an exciting tourist spot in Bogor. There are many rides at Jungle Land Water Park.

Jungle Land Adventure Park
Photo by Kikyfazi

Jungleland Adventure Theme Park

Tourist attractions in Bogor that you can visit are JungleLand Adventure Theme Park. This tour has interesting entertainment in the form of exciting game rides.

This tourist spot is suitable for use as a family tour. You can take your little one on vacation.

Many people come here because it is a favorite amusement park. Here the rides for the game are complete. There is a Ferris wheel, a car bomb bomb, and so on.

Here the rides are divided into 4 categories. There are children's rides, adult activity rides, adult rides and family rides.

You can find many exciting rides that test your adrenaline. If you like a challenge, you can try the Disco rides, Wave Swinger, and Air Race rides.

However, there are special conditions. This ride is only allowed for visitors with a minimum height of 130 cm.

This tourist spot is open every day from Monday to Sunday. So you can come anytime.

Tourist sites

JungleLand Adventure Theme Park is located at Sentul Nirwana, Jalan Jungle Land Number 1, Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang, Bogor.

Open every day, you can come at any time. You can come here by public transportation, car or motorbike.

There is a large parking area. So you can park your vehicle freely.

In addition, there are also mosque facilities for worship. On Friday visitors can perform Friday prayers here.

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JungleLand Adventure Park Operational Hours

Information obtained from the Instagram account, Jungle Land Water Park operates every day. Opening hours are from 10.00 WIB - 17.00 WIB on weekdays. But Saturday and Sunday open from 09.00 WIB - 18.00 WIB.

Price of admission

There are two categories of admission prices.

The first is regular HTM, Rp. 35.000 without a ride ticket. Then second, HTM one day pass (all in). The fee is Rp. 165.000 includes tickets for rides and rides.

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Special Promo August 2022

In August 2022, JungleLand Adventure Theme Park applies a special promo. The promo is titled JULEJA, which is Friday Leha-Leha.

Promo ticket prices apply to visitors who come in groups of 4 people. There is a special promo price that should be Rp. 660.000 to Rp. 320.000 only.

This discounted price is only valid until August 31, 2022. Hurry up here so you can get the special August promo price. But if you come here other than Friday, the ticket price will return to normal Rp. 165.000.

How to get promo tickets is quite easy. You and your entourage just come on this Friday in August 2022. Just go to the JungleLand Adventure Theme Park counter. Then pay a ticket for Rp. 320.000.

With this discounted price you can play as much as you want with friends or family.

Wow, it's also fun rides at JungleLand Adventure Theme Park. Moreover, there is a special promo for the month of August 2022. Before running out of special promo tickets, let's come to this tourist spot.


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