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Kanawa Island Labuan Bajo

Kanawa Island Labuan Bajo is a small island with thousands of beautiful starfish scattered along its coast.

This island, which local people usually call Kanawa, will never run out of stories to tell about one of the thousands of beauties that exist on the island of Flores.

Seems to be known. all part of Flores Island very beautiful indeed. From the west to the east you will find extraordinary sights and tourist spots.

Starting from Komodo Island National Park until finally you can reach Kanawa Island which is a hidden paradise on the edge of western Flores.

Kanawa Island Labuan Bajo

Kanawa Island is a small island that has crystal clear sea water with white sand and very beautiful coral reefs.

This island has a gradation of blue sea water and is very suitable as a tourist spot to relieve fatigue due to busy work.

The tiny huts on the beach and the shade of the ketapang tree will amaze you and feel the luckiest person on earth who can enjoy its beauty.

Kanawa Island is one of the most popular destinations for local and foreign tourists on Flores Island, Labuan Bajo.

Where is Kanawa Island?

The location of Kanawa Island is precisely in Labuan Bajo with an island area of ​​​​35 hectares. This white sand island is located in the Komodo Archipelago, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

This small island has a very extraordinary nautical view and is separated by a large pungu island or moringa island which is also one of the destination spots for the Komodo sailing tour.

Latitude longitude coordinates (DMS): 8°29'50.4″S 119°45'30.3″E

The beauty of Kanawa that can be enjoyed the most is the underwater beauty of Kanawa Island, Labuan Bajo, which is so special. You will be amazed by the wonders of the marine life that lives on this island.

Kanawa port
Wharf Waiting point

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This tourist attraction is managed by an Italian citizen. Before being managed by him, the island was first managed by local residents. However, its condition has become less well maintained.

The island, which is located in the Komodo National Park area, takes 10 minutes from Komodo Island International Airport to Bajo Harbor. After that you will continue the journey by boat in approximately 1 hour.

Kanawa Island Labuan Bajo

Visiting Kanawa Island, you really can't miss its marine beauty. Snorkeling and diving are things that you must try on this island. You can enjoy some marine life on the coast such as sea crabs, small biota, and several other marine animals.

Thousands of invertebrate species belonging to the phylum Echinoderms and class Asteroidea or so-called starfish (starfish) hiding in the seagrass plants scattered on the white sand.

White sand beach

This inn on Kanawa Island has also been built as well as possible. It will not be satisfied if you visit this island without spending the night. You must enjoy the exoticism of the night on this amazing island.

You can choose cottages, resorts, or bungalows scattered in this area. The price is also quite economical starting from only 600 thousand rupiah and has got complete facilities that will spoil you all.

Accommodation for backpackers is fully available on Kanawa Island Labuan bajo. You can rent camping tents and other camping equipment. You can do camping at night while enjoying the stars in the sky on the beach. The stars in the sky look so stunning in the sky of Kanawa Island .

The route to Kanawa Island is quite easy. You can start the journey from the port of Bali Island or by plane. You will arrive in Labuan Bajo before continuing your journey to this island.

You can use rent a boat in Labuan Bajo with komodo eyes to visit Kanawa Island. You can also get a free shuttle boat from Kanawa Beach Bungalow for guests staying at the Becah Bungalow.


This hidden paradise in Flores is sure to leave you hypnotized. Although it will cost you a lot, it is worth what you will get.

Kanawa Island Admission Ticket

The cost of distributing tickets to enter Kanawa Island is a unique method of calculation. Charged IDR. 100.000 per ship or per group.

Kanawa Island Admission Ticket
The form of the ticket receipt is possible because it includes a private island in private management

In other words, even if the group has 10 people in 1 ship or only 2 people in 1 ship, they will still be charged that much.

The entrance ticket price is valid for everyone or the market, both Indonesian citizens and Overseas foreigners.

Adventure photo collection on Kanawa Island
Gotravel expedition team
Welcome to Kanawa
swing beach
Kanawa Entrance
Kanawawood Port

Tips & Trips to Visit Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island as one of the paradises on the edge of Flores is not yet well known by the wider community. But make no mistake, visitors to this place are now not only from local tourists, but many foreign tourists are happy to visit this amazing place.

However, this island is truly remote. You have to do some tips & trips to Kanawa Island so you won't be surprised when you get to this island.

  1. Saving electricity
    Electricity on Kanawa Island will only be on from 6 pm to 11 pm. Otherwise, you can't use electricity. So, you have to really save on electricity issues. If you have some equipment such as cameras or other gadgets, you should really use the clock to charge the battery.
  2. Save clean water
    Clean water can only be obtained once a day. Therefore, you must be able to store water reserves for use within a day.
  3. Bring snorkeling or swimming equipment
    A visit to Kanawa Island would not be complete without swimming and snorkeling. Indeed, there are many who rent diving and snorkeling equipment in this place. However, you can prepare it yourself from home to save on your costs.
  4. Use a travel agent or open tour
    To get a cheaper price when visiting Kanawa Island, you can use the services of an open trip or tour agent who will give you a cheaper price. So, you don't have to bother looking for lodging or transportation problems that you will use.
  5. Sunblock & Sunglass
    Don't forget to bring your sunblock or sun protection lotion. Because the tropical weather in Flores, especially Kanawa, is very hot, it will protect the skin from the adverse effects of your UVA and UVB rays. Sun glass is also needed so that eye vision is not too dazzled by sunlight during the day. Besides that, it can be used to look stylish when posing for selfies in front of your smartphone camera, right?

So, Kanawa Island can be one of the best destinations for those of you who want to spend a vacation with extraordinary natural and sea views. Those of you who like to do diving or snorkeling activities can do these activities in this place. This place is also very suitable for those of you who like to explore to see the majesty of nature from the Almighty Creator.

Come to Kanawa Island and enjoy the various charms that exist in this place. Don't forget, bring your friends and family for an unforgettable vacation of your lifetime.

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Regards – Alfonso giostanov | Kanawa Island Labuan Bajo
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