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The Beauty of Glampar Beach Destinations

Sumbawa glampar beach tour

The beauty of the Glampar Beach Destination is truly enchanting. There are many special attractions that will make you feel at home on holiday here. It's truly like a hidden paradise for Sumbawa's Glampar Beach tourist attraction.

the beauty of the glampar beach destination
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West Sumbawa is famous for its beautiful beaches. So enchanting natural views in this area. You will be so enchanted when you see the natural scenery at Glampar Beach.

Glampar Beach in West Sumbawa is famous for its beautiful natural charm. There is white sand that stretches wide across this tourist attraction.

Beautiful white sand combined with beautiful blue sea water. The view of this beach is very exotic.

The thing that tourists like most is this beach, including beaches that are still virgin. So there are not too many visitors coming here. Unlike most beaches which are always crowded with visitors.

This beach is located a little far from the city. So it's natural to call it a hidden paradise.

What is the charm of Glampar Beach like? Let's look at the following reviews.

Attractions of Glampar Beach Destinations

Here are the charms of attraction that you can enjoy while on vacation at Glampar Beach, Sumbawa.

1. Beautiful Sand Beach

The most interesting thing about Glampar Beach tourism in Sumbawa is the beautiful white sand of the beach. This stretch of white sand stretches from end to end as far as the shoreline.

You will feel a different sensation when walking on this soft and smooth textured sand.

The beach area is quite sloping so it is comfortable to relax. You can do various activities on the beach. Something that is no less interesting is playing in the sand on the beach. You can play in the sand while having fun with your family or friends.

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2. Beautiful Ocean

No less amazing is the view of the clear and blue sea water at the beautiful Glampar beach destination. When you look out to sea, you will see a vast expanse of ocean. This view will make your mind relaxed and fresh.

Because the sea water is clear, you can see beautiful views of coral reefs. Apart from that, you can see various small colorful fish.

Many visitors come here to do snorkeling activities. Then, the waves on this beach are also suitable for canoeing. Because the waves are not too big.

3. Beautiful line of hills

Did you know that the ocean is not only charming. But the rows of hills are also very beautiful. As far as the eye can see, you will see green trees on the hills.

This view is certainly even more beautiful. However, in the dry season, the view will change to golden brown. However, this will not reduce the charm of this beach.

4. The Beauty of Sunset

You can enjoy the beautiful sunset at Glampar Beach. Come in the afternoon to get that moment.

Every afternoon many visitors come here. They deliberately took time in the afternoon so they could enjoy the sunset.

Not a few are willing to come from far away because they want to see the perfect sunset.

You can sit on the beach to enjoy the sunset. Many people enjoy the sunset while eating or drinking at the stalls available.

Beach Location

Glampar Beach is on Jalan Tano Kertasari, Labuan Kertasari, Taliwang, West Sumbawa.

This beach attraction is close to Strait pedestal. This strait separates the islands of Sumbawa and Lombok.

You need to travel about 1 hour from Harbor Poto Tano to Glampar Beach. But provided that traffic is smooth. If there is heavy traffic, it may take longer.

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That is information about the beauty of the Glampar Beach destination in Sumbawa. Hopefully this information is useful.


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