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The beauty of Ngrenehan Beach

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The beauty of Ngrenehan Beach is truly amazing. Ngrenehan Beach Tourism in Gunung Kidul has a variety of attractions. Starting from its natural beauty, to delicious and cheap culinary tours.

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Gunung Kidul is famous for having a very beautiful beach charm. One of the beaches that you can visit is Ngrenehan Beach. Located in Kanigoro Village, Kapanewon Saptosari.

Besides Ngrenehan Beach, there are a number of other beautiful beaches. Such as Ngobaran Beach, Widodaren Beach to Nguyahan Beach. You can Rent a car in Jogja in Gotravela to go around Jogja.


In addition to enjoying the charm of the natural beauty of Ngrenehan Beach, there are various activities that you can do. Like playing in the water, to taking photos.

Culinary at Ngrenehan Beach

When you arrive at the beach, some visitors will definitely go around the beach. Walking around the beach is certainly exhausting. To unwind, you can enjoy culinary tours around the beach.

The beauty of Ngrenehan beach is that it is a fishing beach. From this beach fishermen usually go to fish. So it's not difficult to find sea fish or other types of seafood.

There are dozens of food stalls around the beach. Food menu prices are priced cheaply. You can enjoy processed fresh seafood. Of course it tastes more delicious because it is directly caught by fishermen.

According to one of the food vendors there, this tourist spot has become crowded with visitors in the last 5 years. Because there are more and more visitors, there are more and more food vendors.

As for the types of food menus that you can find, such as shellfish, sea fish, to squid. You can order seafood cooked fried, grilled or soup.

Seafood menu prices vary. It depends on the type of fish being cooked. For this type of fish cake, the price of 1 kg is Rp. 100.000. It's already in a ripe condition. One of the visitors' favorite menu is the green chili fish menu.

There is a cheaper menu, namely mixed fish. Price per kilo Rp. 50.000. If the price of lobster depends on the season. At harvest the price per 1 kg of Rp. 250.000. But if it's not harvest season, the price of lobster is IDR 400.000 per 1 kg.

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Tourist Constraints

The beauty of Ngrenehan Beach Tourism in Gunung Kidul is never empty of visitors. But one obstacle faced is the narrow road access to the beach.

In 2017, the government has opened a new road to the Ngrenehan Beach area. But construction was halted in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Narrow road conditions make it impossible for large buses to pass through this road. In addition, the signal in the coastal area is also difficult.

There is no signal in the tourist area is also an obstacle for traders. If there are customers who order the food menu, of course it will be hampered.

Tourist attraction

Although not so famous, it turns out that this beach has a special charm. Here's the beauty of Ngrenehan Beach.

1. Beautiful Photo Spots

No vacation is complete without taking pictures. Especially in a place that has a beautiful view. At Ngrenehan Beach you can take pictures with beautiful backgrounds.

2. Panorama of the Sunken Bay

This beach is actually in a concave curve. Around the beach is also surrounded by hills and rocks. This makes the panorama of this beach tour so beautiful.

3. Coral Hill

On Ngrenehan Beach there is an interesting coral hill. This hill is also unique because it is filled with shells and shells typical of the sea.

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4. Swimming at the Beach

The waves at Ngrenehan Beach are not big. This allows visitors to swim around the beach. The condition of the waves is not big because the beach is surrounded by hilly basins like a bay.

5. Cultural Tourism

Besides enjoying the beauty of Ngrenehan Beach, you can also see ceremony custom. The traditional ceremony is performed during the full moon. In addition, during the celebration of Nyepi Day.

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One of the advantages of Ngrenehan Beach is the calm condition of the waves. So traveling here will be more comfortable. In addition, the price of seafood culinary is cheaper than other areas. Wow, seafood lovers must try this.


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