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Kelan Beach Tour

kelan beach

Kelan Beach is one of the best tourist attractions in Bali. Kelan Beach has the charm of beautiful white sand. If in the afternoon, you can enjoy a beautiful golden sunset.

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Bali is synonymous with white sand beaches. Stunning tourist charms can be enjoyed on this Island of the Gods. One of the beautiful beaches for a vacation is the Kelan Beach tourist attraction.

This beach in addition to having white sand also has a beautiful sunset. Many visitors come here at dusk. They deliberately came in the afternoon so they could enjoy the sunset.


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What is the charm of the beauty of this Kelan Beach? Let's see together.

Kelan Beach Tourism Locations

Kelan Beach is located in Tuban, South Kuta, Badung, Bali. The location is very close to Jimbaran Beach and Kedonganan Beach because it is still in the same coastline.

The location is very strategic because it is not far from Ngurah Rai Airport. Because of this, many visitors are interested in coming to this tourist attraction.

The distance from the airport is about 6 km. If taken takes about 15 minutes. The fastest route that can be passed is through Jalan Segara Madu.

Kelan Beach is 14 km from Denpasar City. It took about 35 minutes to get to the beach.

If you are confused about the route to this beach, take it easy. You can use a car rental service along with a driver who will take you to tourist sites. There is even an airport shuttle service so you and your family can vacation comfortably.

Tourist Facilities

There are three parts to the Kelan Beach tourist attraction. Namely the Jukung parking area, tourist area and tourist operational area. Then, you will also find a melasti and offering area.

The facilities at the tourist attraction are quite complete. The parking area is quite spacious. Then, there are many restaurants and cafes that sell a variety of culinary menus.

A number of accommodations are also available. If you want to spend the night around the beach, there are many hotels to choose from.

Kelan Beach Tourism Attractions

Surely a vacation in Kelan Beach will be very pleasant. The charm of its appeal is able to make many visitors feel at home. Starting from the blue sea water, beautiful white sand, to other beauties.

1. Incredible Natural Beauty

Kelan Beach tourist attractions are a favorite tourist attraction for many tourists. That's because of the charm of extraordinary natural beauty. The natural beauty of this beach really spoils the eyes.

The blue sea water and clean of garbage is the main attraction. Then, along the coast you can see many fishing boats. This becomes an exotic sight on the beach.

If you like swimming, this beach tour is suitable for you. The waves are very calm. So it's safe to swim here. Especially if you take the kids on vacation. Surely they love to swim by the beach.

2. Unique Beach

Many say that this Kelan Beach tourist spot is very unique. The location is very close to Ngurah Rai airport. Because of that, many planes flew landing or take off can be seen from the beach.

Tourists will hear the noise of airplanes when vacationing here. This is actually a sensation that is not found in most other beaches.

3. Beautiful Sunset

This beach has an extraordinary sunset beauty. To enjoy this sunset, visitors usually come in the afternoon.

They sit on the beach while chatting with friends or family. Many young couples also come here to enjoy a romantic twilight.

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The charm of Kelan Beach tourism is special, isn't it? Don't forget to take the time to take a vacation to Kelan Beach if you visit Bali. You can also come to the beaches that are located close by.


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