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The Oldest Malang Temple | Eng An Kiong Temple

the oldest Malang temple

The beauty and charm of Malang cannot be separated from its history and culture, see complete information about the oldest temple in Malang. 

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The Oldest Malang Temple – Eng An Kiong Temple is located in the heart of Malang, precisely on Jl. Admiral Martadinata, Kota Lama. This temple is located next to Pasar Besar, one of the most popular shopping tourist locations in the city.

The unusual structure of this old building adds to its charm. When you arrive at the temple area, you will be greeted by a tall gate that stands out compared to other buildings in the area.

This temple is not just a place of prayer, but is the center of Chinese cultural activities in Malang. Do you want to know what interesting things you can do at Malang's Oldest Temple?

The Oldest Malang Temple

If you look at the structure of the building, which is still sturdy, you would never think that it is already 193 years old. That's why this temple has been designated as a cultural heritage site in Malang.

Eng An Kiong Temple
Source: tlharysantoso

Lieutenant Kwee Sam Hway, a descendant of the seven generals during China's Ming Dynasty, is said to have built this temple in 1835. First impressions, the construction and shape of this temple resembles a Chinese building, equipped with tall pillars and unique ornaments.

Even though it has a typical Chinese building, the Eng An Kiong Temple structure combines European elements. Visitors to this temple will be treated to many paintings with extraordinary artistic value, thus adding to the beauty of this Oldest Malang Temple.

Apart from the Eng An Kiong temple, Malang has many buildings that have historical and cultural significance. This historic building has the potential to become one of the most popular tourist locations in Malang and attract more and more visitors.

The Eng An Kiong Temple is known as the Tri Dharma Temple, apart from its unusual structure. This means that the oldest Malang temple can be used to worship 3 different religions: Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.

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The cultural and religious diversity of this temple is one of the factors that attracts the attention of visitors. Three different religious rituals can be witnessed in one location. The name Eng An Kiong itself has a deep meaning, namely the Palace of Eternal Salvation.

The construction of the Eng An Kiong Temple was divided into two stages. The first period began in 1835 with the construction of the central room and prayer room, and continued with the construction of other parts between 1895 and 1934 which was carried out in stages. Even though it is almost two centuries old, the construction of the temple remains sturdy and well-maintained.

Cultural Traditions at Eng An Kiong Temple

Eng An Kiong Temple is still a place of prayer and the center of Chinese religious and cultural activities in Malang to this day. Apart from worshiping, you can watch unique performances such as Wayang Potehi.

Potehi puppets are a form of traditional Chinese art made from cloth and operated by hand. When visiting Eng An Kiong Temple, you will probably see the place where this performance is often held. Like watching a puppet show!

Not only can you watch a typical Chinese puppet show here, but you can also get a fortune telling! Visitors can take part in Ciamsi or divination, this is a unique and entertaining activity in this temple area. Very suitable for those of you who like cultural tourism.

Apart from that, religious rituals and ceremonies are held at the Oldest Malang Temple regularly. The Earth Alms Ceremony, which is held on the 7th of the 15th month of the lunar calendar, is one of the things that attracts attention.

Apart from saying thanks to the ancestors, this moment is used to distribute basic necessities to tourists who come to worship and the local community.

This temple serves traditional food such as lontong, eggs and bamboo shoots during the Cap Go Meh celebration. All tourists who come to celebrate the last day of Chinese New Year will be treated to this dish.

If you want to visit, you can come straight away and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the Oldest Malang Temple. To maintain the solemnity of worship at this temple, the management has a policy of not taking photos around the temple.

Interesting Facts about Eng An Kiong Temple

Apart from being almost two centuries old and still standing today, do you want to know more interesting facts about the Oldest Malang Temple? Come on, instead of being curious, keep reading our information!

1. The oldest temple in Malang, 1825

Liuten Kwee Sam Hway founded Eng An Kiong Temple in 1825. This temple is 198 years old, almost two centuries, and is the oldest temple in Malang.

Malang's oldest temple, Eng An Kiong
Source: tlharysantoso

Apart from that, it is thought to be a historical relic from the descendants of seven generals Ming Dynasty. Yes, Liutenant Kwee Sam Hway is a member of the military.

This temple was built in two periods, 1825 and 1895-1934. The form is the construction of a central room in the first period. Meanwhile in the second period, completing other buildings.

Eng An Kiong is an offering to the God of Earth which means "palace of salvation in God's eternity". There is a statue of the God of Earth made of gold-plated teak wood which was transported from China and is still there today.

2. Traditional Chinese Architecture & European Touch

The Eng An Kiong Temple structure occupies an area of ​​5.000 square meters. In every corner of the room there are 99 kiem siem or statues of gods and goddesses. Meanwhile, the architecture combines traditional Chinese design with a European touch.

The parallel hammer gable roof has a curved roof shape which is one of the characteristics of Chinese architecture. This shape is not only found in temple buildings, but also at the entrance gate. Meanwhile, European style can be found in the construction framework.

Each corner of the building has pillars decorated with carvings, such as dragon carvings, on the front. For Chinese people, dragons symbolize strength. You can see a neatly arranged altar with various offerings.

Red and golden yellow colors dominate the Oldest Malang Temple. The color red symbolizes the meaning of life, happiness and courage. Meanwhile, golden yellow is associated with majesty.

3. Nearly 90% of the building maintains its authenticity

Want to see the authenticity of this temple which is almost two centuries old? Don't worry, around 90% of the building still maintains its originality. It consists of pillars that have stood strong since its inception.

Inside the temple, you can find Chinese inscriptions. The inscription lists the year of construction and the names of those who helped build the temple.

Furthermore, the Eng An Kiong Temple is currently one of Malang's historical buildings and cultural heritage sites. So that together with a number of other places of worship, such as the Cathedral Church of St. Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Ijen Church) and Kayutangan Sacred Heart Parish Church, so that their sustainability is maintained.

4. Registered Tri Dharma Temple

Do you believe that temples are only places of worship for Confucians? This is not the case because some of the temples are Tri Dharma temples.

Some temples, unlike other temples, have Buddha statues and stupas. There are also those that look like temples but the architecture is different. Traditional Chinese style monasteries are usually combined with local wisdom.

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Address, Opening Hours and Entry Tickets

When entering the Oldest Malang Temple area, you will see a calm and sacred environment. The main colors are dark red and gold, which adds to the sacredness of this approximately 5000 meter wide building.

A pond with a collection of beautiful koi fish in one corner gives this place a distinctive and unique atmosphere. The following is information regarding the address, operating hours and entrance tickets:

Location: Jl. R.E. Martadinata No.1, Kotalama, Kec. Kedungkandang, Malang City, East Java 65118

Operational hour: 08.00 - 21.00 WIB

Entrance Ticket: Free

Parking: IDR 3.000 (Motorcycle) – IDR 5.000 (Car)

This temple, which is a place of interfaith worship and an iconic cultural tourist destination in Malang, has a large parking area that can accommodate the vehicles of visitors and worshipers. No need to worry about parking, OK!

Come on a historical holiday to the Eng An Kiong Temple

The diversity of religions and culture of this temple is unique and can attract the attention of tourists. Furthermore, you can witness several religious practices in one location. It's no wonder that the Oldest Malang Temple or Eng An Kiong has become a religious and cultural tourist destination as well as a place of worship, are you interested in visiting?


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