Foreign Tourist Calls Komodo National Park Ticket Increase Too Expensive

Komodo National Park Ticket Increase

Accompanying today's activities, Gotravela Indonesia bakal mengajak Sobat Travela untuk mengintip kembali kabar terbaru soal kenaikan tiket TN Komodo. Ya, ini tentang turis Asing sebut kenaikan tiket TN Komodo terlalu mahal.

As has been widely reported recently, the new policy regarding the Komodo National Park entrance ticket to Rp. 3,75 million is still reaping contra from many parties. Not only tourist actors in Labuhan Bajo, foreign tourists and even representatives of foreign tour operators in Indonesia also raised objections.

Komodo National Park Ticket Increase

Quoting Kompas(dot)com, (4/8/2022) a number of foreign tourists complained that the increase in Komodo National Park tickets was too expensive. This has resulted in many foreign tourists who want to come actually canceled. “We have just arrived in Labuan Bajo and are going to rinca because you can't go to Komodo Island. Tickets are too expensive. That is why many friends who want to come here cannot come because it is too expensive, "said Pierre, a tourist from France, at Komodo Airport, NTT, Tuesday (2/8/2022).

He said the entrance ticket for Komodo National Park to IDR 3,75 million per person actually had a bad impact on tourism in Labuhan Bajo, especially considering that this destination was not as popular as Bali.

Another foreign tourist from Germany, Tika also considered that the opportunity to come to Labuhan Bajo 3 times after buying an entrance ticket was unreasonable. He hopes that the Indonesian government will reduce the price of Komodo National Park tickets so that all people can travel to Komodo National Park. “It's impossible for tourists from abroad to come here three times, what for? It's impossible for me to come three times a year," he said.

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Italy Michele Barilari

Meanwhile, quoted from detik. travel (4/8/2022), representatives of tour operators from Italy asked the Indonesian government to lower the ticket prices for Komodo National Park. Actually, the increase in Komodo National Park tickets is not a problem, but it is hoped that it will not be too high so that foreign tourists still want to have a picnic in Labuhan Bajo. "We accept that there is an increase in ticket prices, but the increase is very high, so I'm not really sure the guests from Italy that I brought will want to go to Labuan Bajo," said Italian Michele Barilari, Representative of the Tour Operator from Labuan Bajo, as released detik. travel which launched from Antara.

Michele, who started promoting tourism in Labuhan Bajo since 2015, said that initially not many tourists from his country knew about the beauty of the inhabited islands. ancient animals, the Komodo.

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His hard work began to bear fruit since 2019, when many Italian tourists began to travel to Labuhan Bajo. He can even bring about 50 Italian tourists to Labuhan Bajo and other tourist areas 2 times a year. However, following the increase in Komodo National Park tickets as of August 1, 2022, he began to doubt that tourists from his country would come to Labuhan Bajo on this summer vacation. (y)

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