Ketep Pass Magelang

keep pass magelang

Ketep Pass Magelang is one of the attractions that many tourists are looking at besides the Borobudur Temple.

This tourist spot offers stunning natural scenery. Not only that, visitors can also add insight about Mount Merapi.

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Ketep Pass can also be one of the list of tourist destinations if you are on vacation Yogyakarta City because Magelang is not so far from this city.

Rides at Ketep Pass Magelang

There are several rides that can be enjoyed when you are on vacation to Ketep Pass, including:

1. Ketep Pass View Post

The most sought after by tourists is the viewing post to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.

The majesty of Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi can be seen from this point. Equipped with a gazebo, visitors are increasingly pampered to just unwind accompanied by cool air and beautiful views.

2. Mini Cinema

There are also educational tours here. You can enter the mini cinema to witness the history of Mount Merapi. This cinema is called Ketep Volcano Theatre.

You can see some of the eruptions of Mount Merapi that have occurred in this cinema.

In addition, you can see the process of the formation of Mount Merapi, the climbing route, research at the top of Garuda and other events related to Mount Merapi.

3. Binoculars

To enjoy the natural scenery, you can rent binoculars at Ketep Pass. The rental fee is quite affordable, really. There are two locations that provide binoculars rental, namely at Gardu Pandang and Panca Arga.

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4. Volcanology Museum

There is also a volcanology museum in this tourist spot. Inside the museum you can see a miniature of Mount Merapi, stories about the activities of Mount Merapi, eruptions from year to year and other things. Of course you can travel while adding insight, especially about Mount Merapi.

5. The Court of the Five Arga

To enjoy the highest peak at Ketep Pass, you can come to the Panca Arga Court. The area is quite wide.

The cool and beautiful atmosphere makes you feel at home here. In fact, from this you can see five mountains at once, of course, a stunning sight.

There are Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sumbing, Mount Sindoro and Mount Slamet. Not infrequently tourists also come here in the early morning to enjoy the sunrise.


The management of Ketep Pass tourism has been maximized with the support of the local government. Several facilities are also available to make tourists more comfortable when vacationing in this tourist attraction in Magelang.

There is a large parking area, several bathrooms, prayer room, children's playground, a number of stalls, and restaurants. There are even a number of outlets that sell various handicrafts and local specialties that are suitable as souvenirs.

If you want to spend the night, around Ketep Pass there are several inns with quite affordable rental costs. So you can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise in the morning if you spend the night.

Location of Ketep Pass

The Ketep Pass Viewpoint is located on Jalan Ketep, Ketep Village, Sawangan District, Magelang Regency. From Borobudur, it is about 30 km. You can come to Ketep Pass by motorbike, car or bus. Because the road to the location is paved smooth. But you will pass through an uphill road so make sure the condition of the vehicle is in good condition.

Route to Location

If you depart from Semarang City or Purworejo, you can go to Magelang City first and then take the route to Kopeng.

Meanwhile, if you depart from Jogja, you can take the public route at Blabak Sawangan, which takes about 45 minutes.

Then if taken from Salatiga City can cover a distance of 50 km. Later you will go through Getasan, Ngablak, Pakis, then arrive at Ketep Pass.

Ketep Pass is a suitable tourist attraction to unwind. Enjoying the cool air, beautiful scenery accompanied by hot roasted corn will make the atmosphere more serene. How were you interested in coming to this tourist spot?

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