Preparing for the G20 Summit in Labuan Bajo, PLN Ensures 'Safe Electricity'

G20 Summit in Labuan Bajo

The plan Labuan Bajo will host one of the venues for the G20 Summit series. As an effort to prepare for the G20 Summit in Labuan Bajo, PLN ensures 'safe electricity'. Quoted from travel.seconds (10/9/2022), the famous tourist destination as the Komodo's natural habitat, will host the meeting Trade, Investment, and Industry Ministerial Meeting and several working groups this September.

In connection with the implementation of the G20 Summit in Labuan Bajo, a number of preparations are needed, including the issue of 'electricity'. As many have heard so far, a number of villages in the province of NTT still do not have electricity. In fact, Labuan Bajo is one of the five Super Priority Tourism Destinations (DPSP). This is clearly a challenge that must be resolved. Especially with the Labuan Bajo plan which will become one of the venues in the international economic cooperation forum.

PLN Ensures Electricity Supply

Therefore, the State Electricity Company (PLN) supported by ABB will ensure that the electricity supply for the G20 Summit in Labuan Bajo is safe. This tiny city is known to have an electricity ratio of 96,7 percent. Not surprisingly, the capital city of West Manggarai Regency has also become one of the pilot schemes for electricity projects without blackouts or blackouts Zero downtime (ZDT).

It is stated that peak power customers exceeding 100kVA enroll in the program Zero downtime (ZDT) will get supply from 2 or more different feeder sources and operate in parallel. Double supplies this allows the customer to find electricity remaining on from a live supply when other power supplies are in the middle of a breakdown. They also will not experience power outages 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. According to the General Manager of PLN's Main Unit for the NTT Region, Agustinus Jatmiko, this breakthrough ZDT (Zero Down Time) service uses the latest technology.

"To overcome challenges with high complexity, PLN cooperates with various equipment providers who have experience in this field, so that the level of reliability can be maintained similar to several other strategic projects," he said Friday (9/9/2022) as reported by detik. travel.

Kick 'anti-extinguish'

Agustinus further said that to prevent ZDT's premium customers from experiencing a blackout situation, various electrical system support equipment at the Labuan Bajo DPSP location was integrated. "One example of high-tech equipment that is currently installed in the Labuan Bajo ZDT electrical system is the Medium Voltage (20 KV) Cubicle integrated with Line Differential Overcurrent Protection where disturbances causing blackouts can be localized," he explained.

In addition to supporting the G20 Summit in Labuan Bajo, the move by PLN to make Labuan Bajo 'always bright' is also to encourage positive competitiveness among tourism industry players in the region. (y)

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