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Kuranji Beach

Kuranji Beach, Lombok

Kuranji Beach is a beautiful beach in West Lombok. You can schedule a visit to this beach if you travel to this place East Indonesia tour especially Lombok. People call him Kuranji Dalang.

Actually, this beach is not a new tourist spot because people have known it for a long time. Yes, its beauty has been recognized by many people long ago. Beautiful and exotic are the characteristics of this beach.

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There are many things to do in Kuranji Beach. In fact, you can make this attraction a family vacation spot because children can play there.

The beauty of Lombok's Kuranji Beach

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1. Half Black and Half White Sand

The interesting thing that cannot be found on other beaches is the charm of the sand which is half black and half white. Visitors can feel the sensation of stepping on beach sand with different color textures in one place.

You can invite the baby to play in the sand on the beach. Of course there are many benefits to be gained besides fun. Playing with sand can train children's concentration and creativity. You can invite children to make various forms of miniature buildings using beach sand, such as palaces, forts, statues, bridges and so on.

2. Beautiful View

Moreover, what tourists are looking for if not a beautiful beach view. Relax for a moment to forget fatigue or the hectic work activities with a vacation at the beach is often chosen by many people.

Feeling the vast view of the blue sea can make the mind feel relaxed. Coupled with the sound of the waves and the breeze making the atmosphere more comfortable.

3. Can Play Kites on the Beach

Activities with the family that can be done apart from playing with the sand are kite flying. The gentle breeze around the beach allows you to raise your kite quite easily. You can bring a kite from home.

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4. The number of visitors is not too crowded

Visiting a tourist spot that is too crowded, of course, makes you uncomfortable. Well, if you are on vacation to Kuranji Beach, the atmosphere is not so crowded.

There are some visitors who come, but not to crowded so you can still get comfort.

5. Spacious sundeck

Tourists usually like to sunbathe on the beach. Kuranji Beach has a large area to enjoy the exciting sensation of basking in the hot sun.

Usually foreign tourists sunbathe on the beach because they want to have skin Brown like Indonesians.

Location and Route Take

Kuranji Beach is located in Labuapi District, West Lombok Regency. The distance is not too far from the center of the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara Province. Road access can be passed either by motorbike or car. However, on holidays or weekends, traffic jams are usually caused by a lot of vehicles passing by.

Activities to Do

Exciting activities can be done at Kuranji Beach, including:

1. Swim at the Beach

The calm waves make visitors allowed to swim on the beach. But stay alert and careful, especially if you invite children to swim in the sea.

2. Enjoying the Beautiful Sunset

Many visitors deliberately choose to come to the beach in the afternoon to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Don't miss taking pictures with a beautiful sunset background.

3. Playing Ball on the Beach

If you come with friends, there's nothing wrong with having fun playing ball on the beach. Enjoying the beach atmosphere while joking with friends will make friendship relations even closer.

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At Kuranji Beach you can find several restaurants that provide a variety of processed seafood. So you don't have to worry about starving if you don't bring lunch from home. Other facilities available in this place are a large parking area, bathroom and gazebo for visitors to relax.

Of course, the facilities provided will make visitors more comfortable enjoying their vacation at Kuranji Beach, Lombok.


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