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Lamborajo Bajo Boat Rentals

Rent a lamborajo bajo boat

Lamborajo Bajo 1 & 2 Boat Rentals are the right choice for travel buddies in exploring the waters of the Komodo Islands.

Together boat rental in Labuan Bajo komodo Go Travela your dream of sailing private Komodo dragons is realized in our best service.

Charter the Komodo Phinisi Lamborajo 2 boat, becoming an official partner for the rental of the Phinisi Lamborajo boat in Komodo Labuan Bajo.

Book now so you can sail the Komodo dragons with the Phinisi Lamborajo 2.

Lamborajo Bajo Boat Rentals

An unforgettable experience when you come to Labuan Bajo, the island of komodo is to follow the ocean currents by taking the Lamborajo ship. Why do we say that?

Rent a Lamborajo Bajo I & II Boat while enjoying the beauty of the waters komodo islands national park brings a very different sensation.

The sway of the small waves that come and the fresh sea breeze, will not make you forget the best experience of your life while exploring the waters of Komodo's West Flores.

Rental Vessel Shape

The Lamborajo Bajo I & II boat rental service provides various types of ships with unique shapes and of course different from those that have ever existed.

Of course, we can find this from the type of medium boat to phinisi, such as:

  1. km. My Komodo Labuan Bajo Medium type for small group
  2. Phinisi Lamborajo 1 perfect for big groups
  3. Phinisi Lamborajo 2 which is also suitable for big groups

This distinctive shape shows the inherent culture of the Komodo island tribe.

The types of boats that are often rented are Phinisi, Medium traditional boat, Speedboat, Vini. Each type of ship has a different price and capacity.

If you want to survey first what the shape of the Labuan Bajo rental boat is, you can visit our page Labuan Bajo Boat Rental 2024.


Renting a phinisi type boat will take you around komodo islands to see firsthand the ancient reptile Komodo dragon.

Why are Komodo dragons categorized as ancient reptiles? According to experts, Komodo dragons are a form of mutation from past animals (dinosaurs).

Really amazed when you are here. which is far from the hustle and bustle of the city and see the natural wealth of the archipelago firsthand.

Phinisi & Catamaran Labuan Bajo

We provide various types of Labuan Bajo boats for rent such as Mata Komodo, Samara I&II or types of Catamarans such as Comfort Catamaran with different prices.

With Lamborajo Bajo Boat Rentals, don't be surprised because the facilities and services that we will provide will satisfy your trip adventure.

If you want to charter Lamborajo Cruises Komodo with a more economical package and promo, you can check the price per ship below;

Phinisi Lamborajo I Rental Prices

Boat Rental Lamborajo Bajo 1
Remarks1 – 8 pax
Full day22.500.000
Remarks9 – 12 pax
Full day22.500.000
Remarks13 – 16 pax
Full day23.500.000
Remarks17 – 20 pax
Full day27.500.000
Speck Lamborajo Bajo 1
Specifications Lamborajo I
  • Boat length: 24 meters
  • Width: 5 meters
  • Main engine: MITSUBISHI 6D16 Cylinder
  • Cruising speed: 6-9 knots
  • Dinghy: 6,2m with Yamaha 15hp
  • Safety equipment: Garmin MAP 585 GPS
  • Power supply: Yanmar TF115 . Generator
  • Total crew: 5
  • Total cabins: 5
  • Guest capacity: 20 people
  • Water supply: 5000L
  • SBB radio
  • Life jackets
  • Life buoys

Remarks cabin

Each of the 4 cabins has air conditioning and 2 separate beds sharing.

Each of the 4 cabins are equipped with air conditioning and 2 shared bathrooms.

  1. Cabin: Double bed + 2 Single beds (4 persons).
  2. Cabin: Double bed + Extra double bed (4 persons).
  3. Cabin: 4 x Single bunk beds (4 persons).
  4. Cabin: 4 x Single bunk bed (4 persons).
  5. Cabin: 4 x Single bunk beds (4 persons).

Facility: Lazy chair, Bean bag, Sun deck, Fridge, Dispenser & TV.

Phinisi Lamborajo II Rental Prices

Lamborajo bajo II ship
Remarks1 – 8 pax
Full day40.500.000
Remarks9 – 12 pax
Full day40.500.000
Remarks13 – 16 pax
Full day40.500.000
Remarks17 – 20 pax
Full day40.500.000
Interior of Lamborajo II Bajo
Boat Specifications Lamborajo II
  • Boat length: 30 meters
  • Width: 7,8 meters
  • Main engine: MITSUBISHI 6D22 Cylinder
  • Cruising speed: 6-9 knots
  • Dinghy: 6,2m with Yamaha 40hp
  • Safety equipment: Garmin MAP 585 GPS
  • Power supply: Mitsubishi 6 Cylinder Generator
  • Total crew: 8
  • Total cabins: 6
  • Guest capacity: 17 people
  • Water supply: 7000L
  • SBB radio
  • Life jackets
  • Life buoys

Remarks cabin

Every cabin for the Lamborajo Bajo Boat Rental has air conditioning and air conditioning Each of the 6 cabins are equipped with air conditioning and 5 private bathrooms + 1 shared bathroom.

  1. Cabin: Double bed + Single bed (3 persons + pvt bathroom).
  2. Cabin: Double bed + Single bed (3 persons + pvt bathroom).
  3. Cabin: Double bed + Single bed (3 persons + pvt bathroom).
  4. Cabin: Double bed + Single bed (3 persons + pvt bathroom).
  5. Cabin: Double bed + Single bed (3 persons + pvt bathroom).
  6. Cabin: Double bed (for 2 persons)

Facility: Jacuzzi, Lazy chair, Bean bag, Sun deck, Karaoke set, Fridge, Dispenser & TV.


How To Book Lamborajo?

Please check the availability of your Lamborajo Bajo Boat Rental period first by sending a chat book to our whats-app.

Book Formats:

Phone number :
E-mail :
Ship name :
Departure date/time:
Number of people :
Number of children :
Trip Program:
Return date/time:
flight schedule :
No. Foot for Snorkeling:
Confirmed Price:
FB & IG Name:

By filling in these details
We have read the terms & conditions and Inclusive & exclude correctly

Prospective customers pay a DP of 20% in advance and book far from 1 or 2 months before the trip.

The experience of sailing live on board with a lamborajo bajo boat rental gives the impression of your best komodo trip.

Komodo Trip Lamborajo itinerary

The sailing route using the Lamborajo Cruises Komodo Charter is very flexible and depends on the package you choose.

Starting from full day to liveaboard/stay on the ship's decks.

The average area we offer will start from Harbor Labuan Bajo and then explore the Komodo Islands.


  • padar
  • Komodo island
  • Pink Beach
  • kanawa
  • Manta Point
  • Manager
  • Moringa Island
  • Kalong Island
  • Rinca and Angel Island.

Itinerary or the Lamborajo Bajo Boat Rental travel program is divided into 3 programs, namely;

  1. 2 Days 1 Night / 2D1N
  2. 3 Days 2 Night / 3D2N
  3. 4 Days 3 Night / 4D3N

Include: Pick & drop hotel/airport, free flow mineral water, 3 x meals a day, snack tea/coffee time every afternoon, complete snorkeling equipment and a local guide.

Excludes: Flight ticket, hotel room in Bajo, entrance fee for Bajo tourist attraction, personal expenses, travel insurance, liquor or alcoholic drink and tipping guide/crew ship.

2 day

Moringa Island, Komodo Rinca Island, Kalong Island, Sunrise Padar Island, Pink Beach Snorkeling, Manta Point and Takamakassar.

3 day

Moringa Island, Komodo Rinca Island, Kalong Island, Sunrise Padar Island, Pink Beach Snorkelling, Manta Point, Takamakassar, Sebayur or Siaba Island Snorkeling and Kanawa Island Snorkelling.

4 day

Moringa Island, Komodo Rinca Island, Kalong Island, Sunrise Padar Island, Pink Beach Snorkeling, Manta Point, Takamakassar, Sebayur or Siaba Island Snorkelling, Kanawa Island Snorkeling, manjarite snorkeling, Bidadari Island snorkeling and visit Goa Rangko Cave with crystal clear water.


Labuan Bajo Phinisi Lamborajo FAQ

For FAQs about Lamborajo Bajo Boat Rentals, the live on board/stay package certainly provides more and more interesting destination points.

How much does it cost to rent a phinisi lamborajo komodo boat?

For travela prices, you can check as above price list starting from IDR. 13 million. For negotiable, discount or promo, you can contact our sales again, Cs gotravel at +6281999565666

What are the specifications of the lamborajo bajo ship?

For lamborajo II Boat length: 30 meters, Width: 7,8 meters, Main engine: MITSUBISHI 6D22 Cylinder, Cruising speed: 6-9 knots, Dinghy: 6,2m with Yamaha 40hp, Safety equipment: GPS Garmin MAP 585, Power supply : Generator Mitsubishi 6 Cylinder, Total crew: 8, Radio SBB, Life jacket, Life buoy. For more details, please re-read the article above.

How do I book a phinisi Labuan Bajo rental?

To book at Go Travela Indonesia, renting a boat in Labuan Bajo is very easy.

You only chat by whatsapp to ask available and consult your sailing plan. Please note, try to book can check available 2 or 3 months before arrival during the high season period.

When is the high season period sailing on Komodo?

The high season period is from July to August and then continued from September to December.

The best time to visit Komodo National Park is April to June.

Avoid in late Jan, Feb to mid-March, because the sea weather is not good or commonly called west wind time.


The beauty of a hidden paradise from the eastern part of Indonesia seems a pity to miss.

Don't let you run out of opportunities to order Phinisi Lamborajo Cruises Komodo Charters with economical packages and prices.

Lamborajo Bajo Boat Rentals with various types and affordable prices have many advantages, one of which is driven by an experienced captain.

Equipment & Service starting from lunch, complete equipment and 24-hour service.

The boat rental fee above is not included in the entrance fee to Komodo Island and tickets to other tourist points.

Travel with a large family with Lamborajo Bajo Boat Rentals gives a deep impression in the hearts of local and international tourists.

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